Sunday, May 09, 2004

Yesterday was pretty quiet. I took DS#2 and #3 to get haircuts. We ran to the Mall to grab some lunch. They were arguing over where to eat so the Mall seemed to be the best solution. Believe it or not I didn't eat anything. Go me! I had an unsweet tea and honestly I didn't miss not eating fast food.

When DH got home from work we headed over to Destin to go to Sockeyes, a surf shop, to look at their Tshirts. I was looking for something specific that I had seen in a magazine but couldn't find it there. Guess I'll be ordering it online. I thought DS#2 might find a few tshirts he wanted me to buy for him in the next couple of weeks but nothing caught his eye. Guess he's stuck with wearing what mom brings home. He's upped my coolness factor and is refusing to wear anything with the words "Old Navy" on it for the time being. Fortunately TJ Maxx always has a good selection of Quicksilver, Billabong and Shady Limited. He wants some Fat Albert clothes but won't let me ask the mom in the neighborhood who's kid wears them where she purchased them. So he goes without a Fat Albert ensemble. Apparently it's totally uncool to ask someone where they buy their clothes. He refuses to tell anyone where I buy his tshirts. Oh the joys of middle school.

We grabbed a quick supper at Captain D's. I was finally starving and decided frying shrimp and fish at home was going to be way too much trouble and probably cost more.

I worked for a little while on my Liberty Sampler and pulled out my Sugar and Cream yarn for my Pieced Throw from Simple Crochet. I think I may start it next week. It's worked in strips and won't be as hot to work on as my larger Gemstone and Black Red Heart afghan. I had the A/C turned really low the other day because that heavy afghan on my lap was making me sweat. Of course everyone else in the house was freezing.

This week will be a long one work wise. I'm working Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Fortunately not a double on Saturday. Just my regular 5-6 hour shift. Should make for a nice paycheck though. That is always a good thing.

Over the last few days we watched Master and Commander, what a boring movie. I love movies set on ships and the high seas but this one put me to sleep both times I tried watching it. I never got any farther than halfway through the movie before going to sleep. We also watched The Haunted Mansion. I thought it was pretty good. I had heard bad things about it, but DS#3 has been wanting to watch it and honestly I enjoyed it. Last night DH wanted to watch School of Rock. I hated it. Normally I find Jack Black entertaining but this movie just expected me to take too much for granted. Like he could show up at an exclusive school and substitute teach with no photo ID? Sorry if they had handled that part better I might have been hooked, even enjoyed the movie. But I hate movies that expect me to accept whatever they say no matter how unrealistic the plot maybe. DS#1 says I'm overthinking it, it's just a movie. Sorry I expect more from a movie and the writers. Today we'll watch Marci X with Lisa Kudrow and Damon Wayans. I remember seeing the previews and thought it sounded funny.

I had wanted to rent Calendar Girls and DH said no chick flick for him so I'll rent that Monday and watch it when I'm home alone.

On the reading front I finished Jill Churchill's Bell, Book and Scandal. Pretty good mystery. I started Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson last night and need to get to reading on it as it due back at the library tomorrow. It's already got me hooked. Patterson writes well from the woman's point of view.

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