Friday, May 21, 2004

Right now I'm going through a very uninspired phase. I believe I have way too many projects started.

Finishing some of these things has got to become a priority. I'm a great starter but I only seem to cross the finish line on those rare occaisions when some planet's moon happens to be in the right house. It's frustrating because I have so many great projects started but I have the attention span of a gnat.

My mother told me this morning that she and my grandmother may come for a visit sometime this summer. What does this have to do with my stitching? Well I've only been working on MLI's Fairy Grandmother for about 6 yrs. I need to pull the old hag out and get her finished. Wouldn't that be a wonderful suprise to have here waiting on my grandmother, a completed and framed Fairy Grandmother?

I've been needing to pull out all my started projects, make a list of them, and then get to work on finishing them. Of course I won't stop stashing, but I won't feel so bad about buying all those charts that just linger in the old Rubbermaid tote until I get around to kitting them up and then actually starting them. I need to organize. I have too much stuff to keep track of these days.

I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll have to buy new shelves for my bedroom stash organization instead of getting some on the cheap at yard sales. If I keep putting it off hoping for a good deal, I'll never get organized. Now with the possiblity of company over the summer it's time to finally get the living room painted and me get off of my lazy behind and keep the house clean.

I never finished the teacher gift, sent her a candle.

Weekend Plans

1)Get over this flippin' cold.
2)Make a good solid list of cross stitch projects that are in various stages of completion.
3)Make an effort to work on Fairy Grandmother and DS#2's Dragon Isle. These are my two priority pieces at the moment.
4)Make a list of projects that are kitted and calling to me, reward myself with one new start when I finish Fairy Grandmother.
5)Finish DS#3's Quilt. Need to buy the backing fabric this weekend.
6)Get DS#1's quilt fabrics together and the pattern pieces and other supplies I need. Have it ready to start as soon as DS#3's quilt is finished.
7)Organize my yarns for various crochet projects and get them out of the store bags and into much more appropriate plastic bins or Rubbermaid containers so they are out of the living room and the bottom of my closet.
8)Check into the HP Quilt Label maker program. Find out where to buy the fabric printer sheets so I can label the boys' quilts when the time comes.
9)Get started on scrapbooking some of my older pictures and journaling. Look into HP's Scrapbooking program too(or freebies offered on the website)
10)Go to Goodwill and see if they have some binders I can buy very inexpensively to store my cross stitch charts in. Last time I got a great deal on 6 huge binders for my magazins for 25cents each. Can't beat that. Need to remember to buy sheet protectors and dividers too, magazine holders for the chart books. Also need to figure out how to organize the charts, by designer or by subject. I'm assuming by designer would be the easiest way to keep track of stuff.

Summer Stitching Plans

1)Put at least one length of floss into Mermaid of the Pearls everyday.
2)Finish at least one block a week in the 63 Squares Afghan CAL.
3)Focus on kitting up some of the charts I have that I know I want to start in the near future.

There are so many things I want to do and create. Lately I just haven't wanted to do anything. I've just been creatively quiet so to speak. Hopefully this weekend I can get motivated and inspired.

Thanks to all the stitchers, crocheters, knitters and quilters that blog. You all inspire me everyday. Seeing your projects, reading about your projects, your frustrations, your joy, the way you make a pattern uniquely your own, makes my fingers itch to pick up the needle or hook and create. Also, reading about your obsession with your own projects makes me feel more normal. Most of the time I think I'm the only one that dreams about her projects all the time. It's nice to know that there are others out there in the world that ache for those moments when you can pick up a needle(s) or hook, or can't wait to get to the LNS, LYS, LQS or local craft store and add to the stash.

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