Thursday, May 06, 2004

Today's quick run to JoAnn's was disappointing. They only had 2 skeins of Waterfall Homespun so I decided DS#1's afghan could be LionBrand Homespun Plantation. It's a nice dark green variegated. Of course when I got home and showed it to DS#1 he wants a much brighter green. Like neon green, glow in the dark green. Is there no pleasing these kids? Anyway I told him right now he's getting the Plantation green afghan and he's going to like it. I told him he'd really appreciate it when he's older. Later on I'll try to find some funky bright lime green yarn for another afghan for him.
Maybe dye some wool with Koolaid. Koolaid comes in some bright glow in the dark colors.

Made a quick run to the LNS also and purchased the new Mirabilia Emerald Mermaid. Love this merchick. I don't think a pic is posted on the 'net yet. At least one wasn't yesterday. Also picked up a BC chart, Signs of Summer.

Came home with a major headache. It was hot today. I should have drank more water. I think dehydration caused my headache. I plan to go to Walmart tonight and get the stuff to repair the A/C in my truck. I don't think I'll be able to survive without it any longer. Happy Mother's Day to me, yea! Chances are this will be the closest thing to a gift I receive. My 8 yr old made me the sweetest Mother's Day gift at school. Made me cry when I read it. I guess that counts as a gift. Ignore the nasty sentence before the previous one.

I am so tired, I hear the bed calling and it's only 6:55 pm.

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