Thursday, May 27, 2004

It's T.G.I.T.! OK that's for Thank God It's Thursday. My last day to work this week and then a long holiday weekend. Unfortunately the beach is out for us locals since the tourists take over and not only crowd the beaches, they trash them. How would they feel if 10,000+ Floridians showed up in their hometown and trashed their parks and front yards?

Can I log in a major complaint here? I'm not a smoker, never have been. So this may sound just nasty but why do smokers think they can just put the butts out in the sand at the beach? It's like it's some natural built in ashtray. Do you sit in your ashtray at home? I don't think so. Don't they see how completely nasty that is? You walk along, find a clean spot for your beach towel, dig your toes in the sand and pull up about 5 butts! ICK! Why is this behavior considered socially exceptable? Also what is up with dumping the ashtray in your car any where you have to wait for a few minutes? There's this particular intersection in Destin, it happens to be a long light, and I swear there is a major dune of ciggie butts there just from people getting bored waiting on the light to change, decide to clean out their ashtrays on the public highway. This is OK? Who are these people?

For the record let me state that when the "no smoking in public places" law was put on the ballot here in Florida, even though I don't smoke and never have, I voted against it because smoking is legal, people make their choices and if I don't want to eat around smokers I stay home. So while I rant about some things irresponsible smokers do, I accept it's legal and they have a right to do it. Although it sure is nice to go out to eat or to a bar and not come home smelling of cigarettes. I didn't mean for this to be a rant against smokers, I just hate butts on the beach. As weird as it sounds I miss the smell of cigarettes and I always liked watching people smoke. Some smokers have a great sense of style and flair when smoking.

I've been working on my Carriage House Samplers Americana piece the last couple of days. I'm trying to get it finished before I focus solely on the Fairy Grandhag. Ok Fairy Grandmother. She's going to be beautiful when finished, I just need to get her done. My Mamaw isn't getting any younger. I'll try to get a scan up of Americana by tonight.

Big plans here tonight, I'm going to Walmart and buying a computer armoire. Yes it's a cheapie but will look so much nicer than this old, metal student desk that we have the computer on now. Should really clean up this end of the living room and make it appear more clutter free. Said commentary on my life when buying a cheapie computer armoire at Walmart is the highlight of my day. Also hoping to score the first season of Northern Exposure on DVD. I'm so excited. Greatest TV show ever. Guess this is another sad commentary on the state of my existence.

The kids are out of school for the summer and already bored. Thankfully we have three new kitty editions to the house, a momma and two babies. DS#3 has named the momma cat Crystal. We have yet to come up with names for the babies. One we're calling Sweetie Pie for the time being and the other hasn't even gotten a nick name yet. Crystal is the sweetest cat, she's already queen of the house.

I'm also planning to buy some binders, dividers and sheet protectors at Walmart tonight so that I can start getting some of my cross stitch charts and crochet patterns and all my freebies organized. I can't seem to find anything these days. JoAnn's is having a sale on DMC this weekend and I need to make a list of the colors I need for various BAP. I need to get some of the larger projects kitted and ready to go. Not that I plan to start them anytime soon or even this year. I just feel better knowing that I have the chart, the fabric and all threads and various beads and things all together tucked away for when I want to start something new. I like the idea of having my own little stash of already kitted projects waiting on me when I have no money and want to go "shopping" for something new to stitch. Once the money's spent, the project is kitted, starting the project is free. Yes, I'm sick, twisted, but this thought process is what gets me by and keeps me from feeling guilty about any and all stash aquistions. I truly worry about not having the money to "feed my habit". This means I buy yarn/wool when I can, I buy cross stitch charts and supplies when I can, I stock up on all sizes of needles and hooks. I even stock up on used paperbacks at the UBS because I can't stand the thought of being bored, not having something to do. I'd go nuts. The other side of the coin would be that if I didn't stash I might always have the money to buy things I need for various projects when I'm ready to start but I think we all know that almost never happens. Those tucked away dollars always end up going for food, clothes, to pay a bill, buy something for the kids. It's happened countless times here at my house. I secret away a hefty sum of money and then feel guilty, don't buy what I intended and then pay something off, buy necessities for the family. So carpe diem. Hope that's spelled correctly. I sieze the day because if I don't buy then and there, I'll never buy.

Other pressing matters in the stitching world, I am in a swap and have to stitch a anniversary piece for a person in a loop I'm in. I've tossed around various ideas, thrown most of them out, but in the new Nordic Needle catalog there's a very pretty Lorri Birmingham flatfold that has this verse on it: The joy of my heart is the work of my hands. I'm trying to decide if the recipient would like this. My other option right now is to stitch L*K's Friends are like Angels on Earth on a 36ct fabric and make it into a needle book. The only problem is that I've never made a needlebook before and I'm not sure I can make one that's nice enough to give to someone. Decisions, decisions. I need to make one fast too. The mail date is mid June.

I'm hoping for quiet weekend of grilling out and stitching. I need to work on the backyard and the front flowerbed, get some things planted. I think I'm kind of late setting out tomato plants but summer just kind of snuck up on me. Spring just kind of flew by. How does that happen?

I hate it when days pass me by wasted. I keep remembering what Gandolf tells Frodo, "It's what you do with the time you have here." Not the exact words of the quote but you get the idea. We must use our time wisely while on Earth as time is so short. There are so many things I want to do, want to accomplish. I never seem to get them done. I see my boys going from boys to men and wonder where that time has gone, how much did I miss? There are moments when I'm dealing with my 16 yr old and think of how little time I have left with him here at home. I wonder if I've done my job with him? Can I send him out into the world a good man? Did I miss something important? Does he believe me every day when I tell him I love him? Or do I say it so much that it's just words? There are times when I want to have those early days back so bad, go back, correct mistakes. But then I have to hope that any mistakes made are forgiven. I love my boys so much my heart aches at times. I only hope they truly know that I love them with all my heart. I hope that their memories of me one day are kind and full of happy thoughts. I only hope that I've given them the strength to go out in the world and live the lives they choose to live. Not just fall into a routine, I want them to find something they are passionate about and embrace it, and live it.

Wow, this blog has just been all over the place this morning. Can't help it. My mind is all over the place these days. I have so many things I want to do, want to say.

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