Sunday, May 23, 2004

State of My Stitching

Yesterday while doing the yard sale thing I managed to buy a cool entertainment center that is going to be perfect for organizing my stash.

This has prompted me to make a list of my WIP. Here is my current list of WIPs. It's a very sad state that my stitching is in at the moment.

Mosey N Me: Wendell the Warlock and Delectable Halloween Recipe
Lizzie Kate: Vinnie Von Fang and Betty Broomstick
Dragon Dreams: Coffee is Magic
True Colors: High Tide Beach House
MLI: Santa of the Forest, Fairy Grandmother, Song of Christmas
TW: Trade Winds and Fantasy Triptyche
FAHS: Klimt's The Kiss
Drawn Thread: Sanctuary
Hester's Needle: Liberty Sampler
Mirabilia: Lady of the Flag, Mermaid of the Pearls and Deco Spirits
Dimples Designs: Garner Dragonfly
Stoney Creek: Nature's Home Afghan
Barrick Samplers: Mairmaid's Song
Lanarte: Arabian Lady
SB: A Simple Egg(currently missing)
Stitchworld: Dragon Isle
Designworks: Cowboy Boots(currently missing)
Indigo Rose: Desiderata
Examplar Dames: And They Sinned
Dimensions: Serene Shores(oldest WIP, started, brace yourself, in 1984)

All of these projects have at least a few stitches in them. I am so ashamed.

I'm obviously a fabulous project starter but am a loser on the finishing side of the line.

I have got to get some of these things finished. One or two I'm not happy with any more, like High Tide Beach House. I started it on 14 ct aida and was never happy with the fabric, but I still like the design and have so much work in it I hate to just toss it out. I made a mistake in one of the palm trees and that was why I set it aside in the first place. Now I'm thinking I'll just work around the error and try to get it finished. The fabric choice isn't bad, it just wasn't what I wanted at the time but I just had to start that project right that second.

It's no wonder I get sick to my stomach sometimes when I think about starting a new project. No wonder I feel guilty choosing one project over another. These have been lingering there in the dark lonely Rubbermaid bucket begging for attention, hoping to breathe fresh air, see the light of day, some for years.

I cannot start one more new project until Fairy Grandmother is finished(this is for my grandmother and she's not getting any younger). It's my current priority project, then Dragon Isle(it's for DS#2), and Mermaid of the Pearls(this is a gift for my niece, started out for me but she saw it and wanted it).

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