Monday, May 17, 2004

Long week last week for me. I plan to veg on the couch all day and watch movies and hopefully, finally, finish DS#3's quilt top without the borders of course, then again I may go ahead and do those too. Next week all I'll have left to do is buy the backing fabric, then it's on to basting and tie the quilt, then finis!

Creatively I've been stalled lately. Not sure if it's project overload, spring fever, depression or just burnout. There are so many things I want to do and finish and things I need to do for the house. Paint the living room, buy some saris to make a drape to hang between the living area of the living room and the computer area of the living room. I found a decent computer armoire at Walmart this weekend and I told DH that's what next week's paycheck is going to buy. It's only $90. We are using a crappy metal student desk and I'm sick and tired of all the junk piled on it and worrying if my printer is going to slide off the end of the desk and this armoire would match my wicker on this end of the room and really clean the area up.

I would love to get my house to the point where if someone drops by I don't have to run around throwing things in the closet or start vacuuming as they are walking up to the door. I hate housework. I keep thinking if I can just get organized the house will stay cleaner and might always be company ready. That's my long term goal anyway.

It doesn't help that I have a foldout table in the living room piled high with yarn for various crochet projects, a few cross stitch projects and now fabric for my quilt projects.

Speaking of quilting, I did buy the fabric for DS#1's Ohio Star quilt. He wanted lime to be the main color so I found a very bright lime green fabric at Walmart and bought almost three yards, I then bought a yard each of yellow, tourquoise, orange and blue. The lime will be the background color, the points of the stars will be in yellow and then the center square of each block will alternate between the tourquiose, orange and blue. It's going to almost glow in the dark, but that's what he wants. At first I was concerned the colors might be too girlie but I guess tropical colors work as well for boys as for girls. I also found some lime green yarn at Walmart in a soft yarn, but it's hmmmm, maybe Red Heart's Britz line? I should have bought it when I saw it because they only had about 8 6oz skeins, exactly what I need for a basic ripple afghan, I swear it was a sign, and it was in the endcap of the isle which means it's promotional and they probably won't be carrying it on a regular basis, but I had already spent about $20 or so on the fabric and DH was with me so I couldn't really see buying another $16 worth of yarn. I'll keep my fingers crossed they still have it next week when I go back. A few weeks ago I bought some Homespun Plantation yarn to make the freebie Waterfal pattern at Lionbrand for DS#1 because he told me he wanted a green afghan and then when he saw the Plantation he informed me he wanted bright green.

If Walmart doesn't have it next week(seriously who else but me would buy neon green yarn for an afghan?) I think Hobby Lobby might have this line of Red Heart. I didn't think about it until just now but I could have just popped it in the layaway until I could get back over there without DH. Yes, sneaky but he's really been rolling his eyes at all my project supplies lately. All he sees is me buying scrapbooks, yarn, fabric, cross stitch stuff yet no finished projects. I'm sure it makes no sense to him. Why buy the stuff if you aren't going to get around to working with it for a week or a month or even a year?

They did have this nice Red Heart Cotton in a purple too. I'm thinking about using that to make a tank from Crochet Fantasy magazine. Maybe I should run back over there and put the purple and the lime in the layaway and then I can pick it up in a week or two? Yes, I'm obsessing.

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