Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Wow! I don't blog for a couple of days and Blogger makes all these changes. A little disconcerting at first but now I like it. I think.

Things have been quiet around here to say the least. I like quiet. I revel in quiet.

I worked today. Will work Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Makes for a long week for me, but the extra money will come in handy, actually I've already spent it in my mind. That's really sick isn't it?

Progress reports. Hmmm, not much progress on anything. I did finish a book. Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris. It's a Southern Vampire mystery. I enjoyed it, loved the main character Sookie Stackhouse. Refreshing in the Vampire genre, kind of Tanya Huff/Laurell K. Hamilton but different. Gee, I'd make a great book critic wouldn't I? Anyway, I hope to track down the other two or three books in the series soon.

The kids had frozen pizza for dinner and I think DH and I will have BLTs. I love BLTs. Without a doubt the greatest sandwich ever created. A close second is a mushroom/bacon/swiss burger.

I'm exhausted tonight so I'll probably try to do a few rows on my gemstone/black afghan. Single crochet, Q hook, no thinking, just a nice repetitive motion.

I'm obsessing over shawls at the moment. I want to crochet several for myself. How selfish is that? I may do one for my grandmother. I think she'd like it. First of all I will justify my current obsession with shawls by saying that if I had one I wouldn't feel a need to wrap myself up in an afghan and proceed to drag it around the yard at 2am while Miss Heidi(my absolutely wonderful black lab) does her business. Then again I just like them, have always liked them. I'm glad to see they're back in fashion. I saw a really cool one in an ad in the new issue of Family Circle's Easy Knitting. I think it's a Paton's Pattern. Heatwave might be the name. I can't find the pattern locally so I'll have to find a source online. I've been obsessing over it even since I picked up that magazine which was two months ago so I guess I have to have it.

I've made a little progress on my Liberty Sampler but not really enough to justify a new scan.

Fortunately it is supposed to rain here the next few days and I won't feel guilty for not being outside so I ought to get lots of things accomplished. I always say that.

On tomorrow's to do list:

Finish DS#3's quilt top. Really shouldn't take more than an hour or so. Just straight line sewing by hand. No big deal. I'm just being lazy. I'm only talking about getting all the pieced blocks set together, borders are for another day.

Work on Liberty Sampler at least enough to make a new scan of the piece.

Work on my gemstone/black afghan just because I enjoy it.

Maybe put in a length or two of floss on Fairy Grandmother a.k.a. the GrandHag, just because I'm feeling very, very guilty about not finishing this. I'm a horrible granddaughter.

My dad's wife is pretty sick and I'm considering stitching MLI's Angel of the Morning. It can be seen at Told in a Garden . It's a beautiful piece, not my style but I think she'd like it and maybe it would bring her some comfort. Then again, large projects take me forever, they may find a cure before I get it finished. I really didn't mean for that to sound as irreverant as it did. Unfortunately it's a fact of my stitching life.

For example before I've finished a few wedding samplers for friends, they've gotten divorced. I decided that maybe wedding samplers were not necessarily worth the work these days. Am I jaded or what? Guess I ought to be a faster stitcher.

I want to work on jazzing up the blog by adding some buttons but I'm not exactly sure how to "steal" them from blogs I read. I hate not knowing as much as I should about the computer.

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