Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend in Review

What isn't pictured below are DS#2's Friday night basketball game(they lost by four points) and DH's Saturday night company Christmas party. Don't ask. But the rest of the weekend was spent with simple pleasures.

A little cross stitch, a little crocheting, a lot of Spyro and a lot of coffee.
For some unknown reason I became addicted to Spyro over the weekend. I had the game packed in my bag to take with me when my friend Pam goes into labor. In a moment of insane boredom I pulled it out and couldn't bring myself to put it away until DS#3 decided this was now his favorite game(he hasn't touched this Gameboy in months, and I had to borrow a neighbor's charger cord because I couldn't find ours) and took it over from me since it is technically his Gameboy, my game but his electronic device. Told the DH I needed my own Gameboy DS, preferably in pink so the boys wouldn't take it away from me.
Since I was relieved of Spyro I had two free hands and decided that I'd work on Hester's Needle's Liberty Sampler. This has been a U.F.O. for a very long time. I love this sampler and hope to see it finished sometime this year.
While bored out of my mind I started catching up on all my favorite BBs and ran across a CAL thread for this - Grandmother's Flower Garden over at Crochetville Forum - powered by vBulletin. I didn't officially join the CAL but have made a small pile of light fuchsia flowers or rather petals. What attracted me to this pattern is the fact that it's a great take along project. Since you need so many of each color one skein is all you need to throw in your bag and one can make these little petals all night long. The pattern is one that is easy to memorize too, so you don't have to worry about always having the pattern with you. I'm going to crochet mine in light fuchsia, lavendar, orchid, amythest, and med. thyme for the background color. All the yarn is Red Heart and the only color I needed to purchase was the fuchsia. I'll probably do the center of most of the flowers in a gold color and I might add an orange flower or two also. I'm just going to play around with the colors. The ones I've chosen work well with each other, but I figure I'm going to have to add another color here and there just for balance. This will be for the girly end of the living room. Living in a house with four guys I need to infuse a little more girliness into the household every chance I can.

DS#3 came down with a nasty stomach virus yesterday and wanted me near for most of the day so no stitching was accomplished but I did make quite a few of the petals for the afghan. It was easy to crochet those while sitting in bed beside him while he slept because every time I tried to get up to leave he'd wake up and ask where I was going. He seems to be feeling better now and we might take the dog for a walk over at the beach in a little while.

To Kiwi Jo, I feel your pain about washing the luck out of the Redskin's jersey. My DH is the same way. I tend to wash anything that I believe to be dirty. He's taken to hiding his football related clothing so I can't wash the luck out of it before the next game. I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for the Raider's having such a horrible season.

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Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I just wanted to jump into that picture. Everything was perfect all my favorites in one place.