Saturday, January 07, 2006

Corners of My Home

Over at SouleMama she's showing pictures of her favorite nooks and crannies of her home. I decided I'd post one of my favorite places in my home.

The pictures above are of a corner of my kitchen. The colors just make me happy.The chicken in the center of the table is the Chicken on Wheels from Pistoulet Dinnerware - 1

When I purchased my Pistoulet dishes, the husband had to have the chicken. Sure the plates were nice but we had to have the "bread stick" chicken. The theory being that we could just roll bread sticks around the table to each other. He's a funky, happy addition to the kitchen table. The bowl holding the oranges is one of the Pistoulet cereal bowls. These bowls make eating a bowl of fruit loops a true fine dining experience.

The orange hutch in the background is about 100 yrs old. Since there is screen on the back across the bottom we think it was originally a pie safe. The area where the cook might have rolled out pie crusts or biscuits must have rotted and not wanting to toss the cabinet, it was repaired by adding a top from one of those old 30s tables with the metal top and pull out metal sides to make the table larger. The reason I know this is because I have one of those metal tables too. My grandmother(my mother's mother) gave me this hutch several years ago when she was moving out of her house and into a nursing home. It was boring white when I first got it. It's got about 15,000 layers of paint on it so I didn't worry too much about preserving the authenticity of the piece. The cross stitch picture to the top left is a piece from a friendship exchange back in 2000, my friend Connie stitched it for me. The wine glasses are painted with palm trees and were a Dollar Store find. The chairs around our table are all different colors and somewhere in my archives I wrote about painting them and recovering the seats. The scarlet macaw hanging over the cabinet doors needs to be framed but I love looking at him so much I hate to hide him away until I find a frame and also get his mate stitched. I attached ribbon to each side with pins and just stretched him across the doors. Every time I see this corner it makes me happy. It's cheerful and bright. A happy place.

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Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Definitely looks like a happy place. All the colors are great.