Saturday, January 28, 2006

She's Such A Betty

Betty Broomstick that is. I have to check my December archives but I believe Betty is my third* U.F.O. finish of the year. She may just be my second, I know I finished Flip Flop Days. I think there's another one too, but my mind is blank. Not that that's anything new.

This weekend I plan a new start. My own design, or rather, something I saw, insisted the DH draw for me, I scanned it in to the Patternmaker software and now hope it will be the front pocket of a tote bag I plan to (brace yourselves) sew on the machine all on my own.

Last year JoAnn's ran some sewing patterns for 99c.I bought a lot of tote bag/purse patterns and even the fabric to make one of them. Well I stuck the bag in my closet and haven't thought about them until I wandered around last weekend and got inspired. So this weekend I hope to start and finish this cross stitch pocket for the front of the bag and maybe, just maybe, be ready to sew up a tote on Monday. Keep in mind that I'm a big talker, love to talk about all these creative ideas I get and then they never see the light of day. I'm excited about this project though and even plan to crochet the design on the front of a crocheted tote too. I'm in the process of deskeining some Lionbrand Fisherman's wool, 3 skeins to be exact, turning them into hanks and then koolaid dyeing them. I am on a creative binge these days or what?

*just checked my archives, Betty is my second finish of the year. Must have dreamed up that mystery finish........

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