Thursday, January 12, 2006

January Blahs

I guess I really shouldn't write January Blahs. The weather in my part of the world is pretty fabulous right now. One of the warmest winters I remember. Usually this time of year, well from early January to mid-February, we're in pants, long sleeve shirts, socks, heavy coats, you get the picture. We're having great temps right now. Wearing shorts, going barefoot, even went to the beach the other day. The Gulf is stunning right now. It's this time of year when I remember why we moved here in the first place. The bad part is that lots of people are discovering our area for winter vacation homes and I really hate that. While we still normally have 30 degree temps down here this time of year, there's never a chance of snow, it's nice for people used to 40 feet of snow from October to April. I prefer they go a little farther south.

My kids have downloaded a nasty computer virus. No one will own up to anything but I had to run system restore, lost 50 pages of a project I've been working on, lost 1,500 music files, ARRRGGHHHHHHH! Now that I've run system restore it's still not back to normal. I haven't reloaded a lot of stuff back on the computer yet so I may run system restore one more time, and from now on I'll do all my work from the lap top. So annoying. But of course they kids say they didn't do it. Well of course not they are little angels. (insert sarcastic tone of choice)

So on the stitching front, I've worked a little on Moulin Rouge, a little on Sarah Tatum, but after my exhausting spring cleaning frenzy last week, all I've really been able to focus on and enjoy is Lizzie Kate's Betty Broomstick. It's easy, mindless, and a carry over project from 2001. When I finish it it will be the second project from my end of year WIP list to be completed. Since it's been around since 2001, I'd say that's a good thing.

On the knitting front, I've been knitting a garter stitch baby jacket. I've never knitted anything other than scarves or purses(booga bag to be exact) so this is new. I have no idea how to put the thing together. The chart is a freebie from a local craft store. As novice a knitter as I am I found errors in the terminology on the chart. That is not a good thing. But it's going to be cute and will be for my friend Pam's baby. I'm going to be at the birth and I'm so excited about it. Should cure me of my baby fever. I've finished the back and am working on one of the front panels. Any other person would have this finished in one day. Me? I 'm just hoping to have it close to finished before the baby arrives. Which could be any day now as my friend is starting to lose her plug if you know what I mean.

On the crochet front--snowflakes aren't my friend. I'm still trying to finish one stupid snowflake. At this rate I will never achieve doily making competence.

Tonight is movie night around here. I rented The Constant Gardener, Fantastic Four, and The Island. We haven't rented movies in ages so it'll be nice to just hangout and watch movies all night. The Constant Gardener is due back tomorrow but the other two are 5 day rentals. Should keep us entertained.

Friday night is basketball. DS#2 has a game at 8:30. Don't they know that's my bed time? Makes for a long day, especially when half his team doesn't show up. They had to forfeit last week's game. Not sure what will happen tomorrow. I hope he gets to play, but I think they may end up just cancelling out his team's season. There are only three teams in his age group and I think his team was the odds and ends players, people that signed up late and don't really care about it as much as some of the other boys. DS#2 really looks forward to basketball, I hate that this season looks like it's going to be disappointing for him.

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