Friday, February 11, 2005


Friday is here! WAHOOOOO! I am off today, how great is that? The girl that is working for me has never opened before so I'm going in long enough to get the tea brewed and make sure things are set up for her so that every thing goes smoothly at lunch. I really need this day. I've been on the edge for a couple of weeks and I just need a little down time. The DH has the day off too, so we have plans to go window shopping. No extra money to really shop but I want wander around Bed, Bath and Beyond, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and the new Micheals. I'm looking forward to hanging out with him and not having to listening to whiney kids go on and on about why we have to come to this store or that store and why are we eating here instead of here? I love my kids but I prefer to shop or window shop rather when they aren't around. Believe it or not I'm not big on shopping. I usually know exactly what I want when I point my truck in the direction of a particular store but sometimes, rarely, but sometimes I truly enjoy wandering around looking at things, making a mental wish list of things I want for the house. Right now I'm window shopping for a coffee press. Every once in a while I want a cup of coffee at night but don't want to brew a whole pot and well, I'm not sure about you but whenever I try to brew half a pot the coffee never taste right? It's a whole pot or nothing with me. Anyway I thought a coffee press might be a nice solution, especially since I hate instant coffee. I have some Hill's Instant French Vanilla Cappucino and it's not bad, tastes like McD's French Vanilla Cappucino but I'd prefer a real cup of coffee. I also saw Ina Garten use a stove top espresso maker on her show the Barefoot Contessa on the Food Network. I thought that was a pretty nifty thing. Especially since I can't afford the $500 commercial espresso maker that I'd love(and really who has the counter space for that?)and my lame cheapie brandname espresso/cappucino maker from the store who shall not be named never really functioned, what do I expect for $25? So I'm going to see how much damage one of those stainless stove top espresso makers will do to the old wallet. That is if I can find one anywhere around here.

Yesterday I met the DH for lunch and ended up spending the money I had set aside to place an order with Adagio Teas. So much for super secret money. Oh well, we enjoyed lunch and got to hang out for a little while. So I guess it was money well spent. Maybe I can place that order next week.

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