Saturday, February 12, 2005

HTML Frustration

So today I'm sitting around trying to spruce up the ol' blog. I decide to add some buttons. I haven't done this in a while but Yarngirl and Yarn Harlot's buttons had been stored in my Photobucket album and they were just so darn easy to add to the blog I got just a tad bit cocky. So then I went around looking for other buttons of blogs I read almost on a daily basis, saved them to my computer to then upload to Photobucket, my computer for whatever reason can't read the files so there is no picture there when I try to open the file. Now how in the heck did I manage to save Yarngirl's and the YarnHarlot's buttons when at the time I knew absolutely nothing about HTML and now that I have a little more knowledge, actually understand the language, I can't do anything? I had to run a system restore a few weeks ago and lost all the graphics I had stored on the computer and I wonder if I might have installed a program on here that could read the button files and it's no longer on the computer? It never ceases to amaze me that something that is so simple to the rest of the world is this major complication for me.

Crochet News

Not riveting stuff but I may rethink the colors I picked out for my 63 Squares CAL. Just think if I could have mastered the stupid button thing, there might be a cute little button in the line above. I've never been completely happy with the colors I picked out for the 63 Squares Afghan. I'm thinking about going with a more tropical color scheme. Right now my colors are blues, plum, variegated blueberry, kind of dark. I don't want neon colors but something in the soothing colors of the Gulf of Mexico, something bright and cheery. I don't know. Anyway I'm pretty sure the color choices I made at the beginning are what's keeping me from wanting to work on this project. I'm never comfortable choosing colors on my own. I have no confidence what so ever in my skill at choosing colors that work well together. Then again maybe I need to pull out all the supplies for this afghan, look at them with a fresh eye and see if I can just change a color or two to make it more pleasing to me. Yes, I'm rambling again. If you came here looking for a complete thought, you dear reader, are probably disappointed.


Anyone else feeling a little uninspired these days? I pick up my cross stitch it doesn't thrill me, my crochet projects, same old same old, sewing, just not really what I want to do right now. As hard as I try I don't think I'll ever be able to embrace sewing as much as other creative endeavors. It is so intimidating to me.

I've been reading magazines, going through older magazines, rootaling through the stash, I feel nothing. There's nothing just screaming, "Pick me up, work on me, kit me!" They just lay there in their buckets, in their bins, screaming, "Put the top back on, we're asleep in here!"

What inspires you?

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