Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I Can Count, Really I Can

But you wouldn't know that if you saw my crocheted flower block. Some how on Round 6 I'm supposed to end up with 16 chain 6 spaces. 16! Go on ask me how many I ended up with, go on, I'll tell the truth.

"How many chain 6 spaces did you end up with on Round 6 of your flower block?"

"UH, 8, 8 chain 6 spaces, there I admitted it. Somehow following the pattern I'm supposed to have 16 chain 6 spaces I have half that."

Could someone tell me how this happened? I followed the pattern to the letter. I can count, I know a TC from a DC, yet there is no way I have any where close to 16 chain six spaces. Maybe it would work out better if had a drink or two before starting the block, everything might then be viewed in double vision and I'll at least believe for a little while that I'm close to the required number of chain 6 spaces.

Other News

I've been adding CDs to the old media library on the computer in a prePOD frenzy. I'm getting an iPod and that's all there is to it. I've been checking them out for the last year. It's a true luxury item. I can justify the computer because of the kids, homework, you know. Not that I ever see anything close to homework being done on this thing. But the iPod, it serves no purpose other than bringing complete and utter musical joy to the owner(it also helps that the owner no longer has to lug around a heavy CD case, change CDs periodically, etc).

We've also been looking at buying another desktop as the kids keep this computer busy with The Sims schoolwork. I want my own personal private laptop(another complete and utter luxury item-but Daphne_Blue now has me jonesing for one big time) but right now another desktop would be a good thing. The DH and I could set it up in our room, I don't need a dresser right? We could use it at our whim with no one whining, "You've had your turn already!" I won't have to respond with, "I'm the mom and it's my computer, I work all day and my turn is as long as I say it is!" It would be good for storing pics, music, maybe quilt designing. Not that I ever finish a quilt but that Electric Quilt 5 software looks cool. I'd also like to add some cross stitch designing software to the computer so that I could chart out some favorite quotes to make into pillows and I'm just too darn lazy to do it on graph paper. I'm thinking maybe the Easy Grapher Home version.

Great mail day yesterday as the new NordicNeedle catalog arrived in all it's glory along with the new Welcome to KeepsakeQuilting.com catalog. I also called Patternworks to request a new catalog from them. My LYS never has any stock. They carry Cascade 220 but only in about 4 colors. I swear every time I've been in there they've had approximately 5 colors of Cascade 220 and 2 of the Koigu. Very frustrating. I want to give them my business but since their hours tend to be "We're open the first Tuesday after a full moon between the hours of Noon and 2 p.m." It makes it kinda hard for a working chick to get by there, and then when the aforementioned working girl finally gets there, they don't have what she's looking for and the clerk looks very nervous when asked if something could be held for the working girl when it arrives in the shop, well it doesn't endear the LYS to the working chick. I mean is the act of buying stuff supposed to be difficult? Am I missing something here? No wonder so many people turn to online sources and catalogs.

Do I even need to attempt to list my wish lists for all these catalogs? I'm planning to go slowly, I'm saving for the Pod, the new desktop, the new digicam, and the personal private laptop you know, but I dream big. I'm thinking DH will fork over the bucks for the new desktop quite willingly. So a few bills get paid a little late, happiness in the home is what's important, right? We're both sick of having to argue for our little bit of computer time. I know you all are thinking I'm mother to some demon seed but they aren't, well 95% of the time they aren't. 5 people + 1 computer = family discord. There's just no other way around it. I'm thinking with a little creative bookkeeping we may be able to splurge on the new desktop sometime in April. February is too short a month for creativity with the budget, March is DS#1's birthday month so any extra $$$ go towards the celebration of his birth which he thinks should be a national holiday, so April looks like my first realistic window in which to juggle the books, misplace a few bills, forget to sign a couple of checks, and splurge on family peace.

As far as the catalogs go, I have a few major purchases lined up, first major purchase is the Gripit Legend floor stand from Nordic Needle. My carpal tunnel is giving me fits these days. Almost to the point that I don't enjoy cross stitch any more. My hand keeps going numb, fingers feel like they are on fire, very frustrating. A few people have told me that a floor stand might help where that is concerned so I'm looking at the Gripit as a medicinal purchase. Cross stitch keeps me sane and not being able to makes me nuts, so in the name of mental stability I will purchase the Legend Floor Model Frame Holder: Nordic Needle from Nordic Needle. I've got some supersecret money set aside and as soon as I have what I need to order it the Gripit will be mine. I mentioned the design software for quilting and cross stitch. I don't need it but they both look like fun. I'm not going into all the yarn and wool I want to order from Patternworks. I feel this need right now to stock up on some stuff. Nothing I need but I go through phases where I want to stock up, hoard if you will, all kinds of things. Never know when the money won't be there for luxury items like stitching supplies, crochet and knitting needs, fabric. I know I'm a whack job but I like knowing I have this stuff so when I can't buy new stuff it's there for me. My own little "shop". Some people have a blizzard pantry or a hurricane pantry. I have a creativity pantry because when it is all said and done my stitching and extracurricular activities are the first to go when hard times hit as they should be. So my stash is my survival kit.

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