Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Mean While Back At The Ranch

There ain't a whole lot going on. I may be out of a job by February 28th. That's a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It's good in that I get a little bit more of my life back, like all of it, and a bad thing in that I will be a little poorer. I can deal with poor. I'm hoping to stash a little over the next few weeks. Ok, maybe a lot if possible. Probably won't happen as this week I have to break down and purchase a new washer. When your washer won't agitate, the clothes may smell clean, that whole soap thing, but in the end they aren't what one could call *clean*. Kind of like deodorant for the 'pits. You can put it on all the time but you have to take a bath eventually, rub, scrub, loofah, just sitting in a tub, rolling on some Dry Idea just isn't going to cut it in the long run. I finally had to accept this fact. I so absolutely hate having to spend money on this stuff. Yeah I can be thankful that it is possible for me to go and maybe purhcase a new one-I'm hoping for a used one, $50 outta pocket would be good, really good, but if I have to buy new chances are it's doable this week. Since the current washer was purchased at a yard sale last summer for, you guessed it, $50, DH and I decided that new might be the route to go. The only problem with new is I'm very hard on appliances. I'm like the washer/dryer graveyard. They come here to die. I don't think new is really a good thing for me because I'm trying to teach the boys to do their own laundry and between me and them not getting things balanced the mortality rate for a new washer isn't looking good. I refuse to be like my mother and not let anyone touch my washer because something might happen to it and I might have to buy another one. Things happen and if worse comes to worse I can go to the laundry mat. I don't enjoy that but hey I can deal with it and if in a few weeks I'm going to be out of work I'll have plenty of time to venture off to the laundry mat. No big deal. Anyone remember the Northern Exposure episode when Maggie got her own washer and dryer and missed going to the laundry mat and the social interaction? See the glass is always half full here at the Ranch.

Creativity Update

Or lack thereof. A few friends have started a Stocking Saturday SAL for cross stitch stockings. It is mostly for the new Carriage House Samplings - News primitive stocking series, but I'm going to start working on the boys' Christmas stockings. DS#1's is already picked out, just need to purchase the fabric. I also need to do DS#2 & 3's Birthday Stockings along with their Christmas stockings. See I'm really much too busy to try to work too right? That whole working thing just gets in the way of more important stuff like stitching, crochet, knitting. You know the stuff that makes life good. Not to mention going to the beach, reading good books. The list goes on and on.

Speaking of lists, I think it's time reevaluate all my WIPs. I have so many that I need to take a look in the workbasket and see what's going on. I'm actually clueless about everything I have started these days. The posts in December were barely scratching the surface of that WIP pile.
I had such good intentions early last year. Created my own Stitcher's Organizer, added to it to include books I wanted to read or buy, crochet projects, knitting projects, quilting projects. Then just kind of let it go.

Happy Anniversary to Moi!

One year ago today I created this little blog. Go me!

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