Thursday, February 10, 2005

No Whining Today

Bet you're breathing a sigh of relief over that title. How much whining can one person do?

I finished the flipflops I had been crocheting. Three pair total, the first pair took me almost four days, the last two pair only about an hour each. Felt really good to get them out of the house and to their new home.

Other than that not much crafty stuff going on around here. I did pick up book at BooksAMillion today, Sew Fast, Sew Easy by Elissa Meyrich. I read the reviews on Amazon a few days ago and it seemed like most of the people were disappointed that it spent a lot of time get the new sewer comfortable with their sewing machine. I decided that's exactly what I needed. Something that talked down to me in regards to the sewing machine. I also picked up three tote bag patterns from a company called New Look at JoAnn's. I would have bought a couple of McCalls Patterns but those things are something like $15 a piece! Made me really appreciate the value of investing in a $20 knitting or crochet book. I realize that you can use patterns many, many times but I'm just starting and this is pretty much an experiment. The New Look patterns were only $3.49 each so I bought three different pattern sets. The lady at JoAnn's did tell me that the McCall's patterns were going on sale on Sunday for 99cents each. I found a McCalls Crochet/Knitting needle case pattern that I liked a lot and may try to score one of those on the cheap on Sunday.

I also picked up the new Vogue Knitting Knit.1. I was hoping to find the premiere issue but the few places I tried already had this new one on the magazine rack. I bought the first issue twice and gave them to two friends thinking I had plenty of time to get another one. No, not happening, but I'll survive. I did lick my wounds by picking up a copy of the new Interweave Knits. No time to browse through either one but they should make nice weekend reading while I become friends with my sewing machine.

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