Sunday, February 13, 2005


OK, so no one tagged me for the music meme going around, I'm going to play anyway because I don't have anything interesting to say on my own right now.

Total of music files on your computer: zero. My computer crashed last week and I haven't had time to start uploading my music again.

Last CD you bought: Garden State Soundtrack and Damien Rice "B" Sides. They were purchased at the same time. Other recent CD purchases include The Killers-Hot Fuss, *Shins-Chutes too Narrow, and Scissor Sisters. DH picked up the Very Best of Prince recently too.

*edited to change Chins to Shins...somedays I have no clue where my mind is.....

Last song you heard before reading this message: Mosh, Eminem or Red Dirt Road, Brooks and Dunn.

Name 5 songs you listen to often or mean something to you:

1. If Heaven-Andy Griggs, written by Gretchen Peters. This song breaks my heart. It reminds me of people I love who have passed away and how I'm not ready to die. The line, "If Heaven were a town it would be my town on a summer day in 1985. When everything I wanted was out there waiting on me and everyone I love was still alive". Those words are just so powerful for me.

2. Your Bright Baby Blues, Jackson Browne. This song is track 2 on the The Pretender record. It never ceases to stir some emotion in me. The lines, "It's so hard to come by that feeling of peace, this friend of mine said, "Close your eyes and try a few of these," I thought I was flying like a bird so far above my sorrow but when I looked down I was standing on my knees, now I need someone to help me someone to help me please" kept me from doing drugs in my younger days just because of the imagery. Drugs can only take away the pain for a little while and when you come down from that high the hurt, the pain is still there.

3. Before the Deluge, Jackson Browne. This song made me the environmentalist I am today.

4. He Walked on Water, Randy Travis-not sure who wrote the song. This song reminds me of my grandfather-he passed away in March of 1980 and everytime this song comes on the radio it makes me cry.

5. I Am a Patriot, Little Steven. "I ain't no democrat and I ain't no republican, I only know one party and it is Freedom."

and because I can:

6. The Highwayman, Stevie Nicks. It's the last track on the Belladonna Record.

7. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road-the whole CD- Lucinda Williams. Favorite songs: The Way You Move and Still I Long For Your Kiss.

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