Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Yesterday I finished DS#3's quilt top. Yes, finished, I said! I still have to add the sashing/borders but the top itself is finished. I hope to have a pic up in the next day or two. Just have to finish out this roll and drop it off for one hour processing.

What a relief. I'm feeling less like a loser at the moment.

On the cross stitch front I didn't finish Americana but should have it finished in a day or two. Not a whole lot left to do, but I hate saying it'll be finished in no time because then it takes me weeks to get it finished. I also don't get anything else accomplished because I obsess over not getting this quickie project out of the UFO pile.

Have to work today. I'm glad to go too. The kids are driving me nuts already. I can't keep enough food in the house. They plough through snack cakes, waffles, sausage and biscuits like there's no tomorrow. Then whine because there's "nothing to eat". I told them they have got to start pacing themselves. I'm not a bottomless grocery store.

My oldest son has become addicted to those Dannon Fusion Yogurt drinks, which is a good thing but at a $1.50 each and I buy like 6 at a time and he chugs them down in a day, that is not good. I told him no more than two a day and preferrably one a day. They have no clue how much this stuff costs. It's just there for them to eat and fairies will magically refill the pantry and icebox.

My June stitching goals are pretty straight forward:

Finish Fairy Grandmother
Put in one length of floss a day on Mermaid of the Pearls
Put in one length of floss every few days on Dragon Isle
Work on my gemstone/black afghan
Get back into a routine on my 63 Squares afghan. I've kind of gotten stalled at block 4.
Start DS#1's Ohio Star Quilt, nothing more involved than just cutting the pieces out.

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