Saturday, June 26, 2004

Not much going on here. Wish I had some exciting news to report but alas I don't.

I'm trying to get a few swap items and RRs caught up and that'll be my focus this weekend.

I just got home from Curves and I'm craving Waffle House. I'd love some cheese eggs, a waffle, hashbrowns scattered, smothered and covered with chili. YUM! I'm trying to be strong.

Yesterday at the LNS I picked up the new Carriage House Samplings design, The Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and the 36ct flax linen to stitch it on. I'm going to stitch it using a mix of DMC and GAST/WDWs. The silks are just out of my price range at the moment. I also picked up Counted Illumantions Galleon and Sea Monsters chart and The Goblin Market. Can't wait to get these two all kitted up and ready to go. $78 later I was one happy stitcher, I haven't been to the LNS in over a month so I was due the splurge but it's my last for a while except for threads and fabric for charts already purchased. At least I'm going to try to stick to that for a little while. I won't beat myself up if I decide to buy a few new charts because there are a few new ones from Market that I know I have to have but I'm going to try to use some self control and not run out and buy them immediately.

I have several things I want to stitch this year. BOAF's Remember Me On Halloween is one. It just calls for a lot of WDWs thread and it's one of those designs that it loses something if you don't use the overdyed thread. I started it in DMC a few years ago and just wasn't happy with it. So I plan to kit up the WDWs for it over the next couple of weeks and hopefully get it started some time in August.

Should I agonize over all the projects I have started, all the ones I want to finish, all the ones waiting to be started? It's an old whine isn't it? I found some wild Lion Brand Homespun, color:Disco, on the clearance rack at Walmart and bought the three skeins they had in stock. It's a mix of purple, teal and black-can't decide if I like it or find it so ugly I have to love it because no one else will, at least no one with taste. I think I'm going to use it for one of the groovy shawls from this website: Groovy Ponchos and Shawls. I plan to use the pattern for 7701 or 7706. I'm hoping three skeins of the Homespun is enough. I have four skeins of the Williamsburg, also purchased on clearance and I may use that first just to see if I have enough. The pattern calls for three four ounce skeins of worsted weight yarn and I have three 6 oz skeins of the Homespun. I'm just not sure how that measures up to the worsted weight yarn length wise. Hope I'm making some kind of sense.

Well TNT has a good movie line up for today and while I will feel guilty not going to the beach I think I'm going to indulge in a nice quiet day of stitching and movie watching. Life is good!

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