Monday, June 14, 2004

Productive Weekend

Managed to finish DS#1's Birthday Stocking. Should have been finished by this past March but it's ready to be made into a stocking for his next birthday.

Excuse the blurry scan:

The design was stitched on 16ct Hickory Heatherfield and I used DMC floss. The designer is Cecilia Turner of Heart in Hand Needlearts.

Feels good to have another UFO out of the pile. The next stocking doesn't need to be finished until November.

The rest of today will be spent on Fairy Grandmother. I need to squeeze in time to finish up a piece for a swap that's due to be mailed on the 23rd of this month. Also need to get a RR in the mail.


Lately I've been reading the Agatha Raisin mystery series by M.C. Beaton. Not bad as far as mysteries go. Light reading. I'm also working my way through the first Pern book Dragonsdawn. I've requested the second book from the library.

At the Used Book Store last week I managed to pick up all three books in the recent Nora Roberts' "Key of" trilogy. These go in a pile with all the other Nora Roberts' Trilogies that I have yet to read. At least one day when I'm seriously bored I'll have a nice stack of books to choose from with completed series. I hate only having the first book in a series. I worry that when I get around to reading them I won't be able to track down the other books.

It's a nice stormy, rainy day down here along Florida's Emerald Coast. I love rainy days because I don't feel as guilty spending the day stitching.

I joined Curves last week. I hated spending the money to join when I can walk and exercise at home. Seems like such a waste but it's obvious from the size of my butt that I'm not going to do that. So joining Curves was a last resort decision. I seem to have made a bit of progress as on Friday when I went for my first workout I couldn't grab my left ankle with my left hand and now today after three workouts I can. That has to be a positive right?

I've decided that I don't care about being thin or healthy. I just don't want shopping for clothes to be a traumatic experience. We're talking major meltdown in the dressing rooms of stores when I'm in a "must buy something to wear to __________" and have no other choice but to buy clothes.

I figure I can stand anything for 30 mins. 3 days a week and some Saturdays.

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