Friday, June 18, 2004

The weekend is upon us! YEA!!! It's hot down here. Very hot. Looked stormy all day and now the sun is out. Just when I have to take DS#2 to his basketball game.

Had a nice trip to Walmart yesterday. Why do I feel like such a hick when I say I went to Walmart? Anyway, I bought some more Peaches & Creme Kitchen cotton for dishtowels. I plan to make a couple for my mom. Knowing her she won't ever use them, sentimental value and all. LOL. I also found 4 skeins of LionBrand Homespun on clearance for $1.75 a skein. I plan to make my grandmother a shawl. Why? Just because. I haven't been the best granddaughter I could be. I love her so much and don't call like I should. Don't go home like I should. Anyway, I may start the shawl this weekend. If I get back over there I may pick up the 4 skeins on clearance in a beige color. Can't recall the name but I thought I could make a shawl for myself out of that. I would have scooped it up today but I figured DH would have a fit if he knew I spent money I shouldn't be spending just because the yarn is on clearance. It's bad enough I bought Alabama's 41 #1 songs CD. I justified that to DH by saying it saves me from buying all their albums that I own on CD. LOL. He actually bought that.

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