Monday, June 07, 2004

Finally time to write. I've been busy finishing up Americana by Carriage House Samplings. The designer is Kathy Barrick. I love her stuff. She is one of my all time favorite designers. I'm a little depressed because her coolest new design, Haunting Mermaid, is a class piece and isn't available to the general public. A trip to Annapolis is not in my future so I guess this design will continue to taunt me.

Here is my finished Americana. Excuse the wrinkles. I popped it on the scanner as soon as I put in the last stitch.

To see more of Kathy Barrick's designs click on this link. Carriage House Samplings Her new designs can be viewed at the News button I believe. She does some amazing samplers. I have her Mairmaid's Song in progress and the Houses of Hawk Run Hollow is on order from my LNS as soon as it's released at Market next week.

Here are progress pics of Lavendar and Lace's Fairy Grandmother. The designer is Marilyn Leavitt-Iblum and her website is Told in a Garden I can't figure out how to "stitch" the design together so I scanned the top half of the piece then the bottom half. I'm hoping to have this finished by the end of the month.

Think I can manage to get her finished? I hope so. The scan isn't very good, but until I get a digital camera it's my only option.

Should I go into how annoyed I am at one of the boys? I have DS#3's quilt top pinned to the living room curtain. It's been there since I finished piecing it a few days ago. I noticed today that it appears that someone, and I'm not sure who, has taken a hole punch to one of the squares. It's one little hole on a black square along the bottom row of the quilt top. It's almost a perfect circle but not completely punched out. I discovered it this morning along with the hole punch tossed behind the stereo speaker. I started to throw a fit and ground everyone but then took a few deep breaths, determined that 99% of the hole is in the seam allowance, so once I calmed down, I have decided that tonight I will have a long, long talk with them about destroying things that don't belong to them. I also thought it might have been the dog's toenail that is in desperate need of clipping(she had a fit last night when my neighbor's chickens wandered into our yard and stayed for quiet a long time, Heidi wouldn't leave the window and kept jumping to see out), but it's such a perfect almost circle definitely done by the almost hidden hole punch. The other scenario is that this vandalism was done by one of the 20 or so neighbor kids who have been in and out of my house all weekend. I can't watch each one all the time. It's a hole, it's repairable, and it's not the end of the world, but it's also disrespectful to my things. My kids know better. I can't believe one of them actually did this dastardly deed.

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