Wednesday, June 09, 2004

This morning I finished another cross stitch project. Since I'm constantly acquiring stash I decided I should also stitch from the stash. What a novel idea huh? Anyway I pulled out Lizzie Kate's Strawberry Scissor Case and it stitched up in a couple of hours. I have misplaced all my beading needles. Only about 100 packs. I can only imagine the safe place I found to store them all in, so the strawberries are beadless at the moment but still look nice. Since I may never find my beading needles I'm calling this finished. If I find the beading needles I'll add the beads later. I changed the pattern a bit. I left off the over 1 word "scissors" and instead used a strawberry and a flower button. I also left off the rice stitches along the bottom because I don't think I have room for them. I miscalculated the center by a few rows. Now to find some nice hot pink scissors to attach to the strawberry shaped scissor fob.

Feels good to not only have a finish but also to have gotten one more thing out of the "to stitch" pile.

Today's plans are centered around DS#3's quilt and getting more work in on Fairy Grandmother.

This weekend I'm hoping to get back to work on my 63 Squares CAL. I've neglected it for far too long.

The other day while on the phone talking to a friend of my mom's she told me about some rugs she's been crocheting. She's been buying up old sheets at the Thrift store and cutting them into one inch strips. She then crochets them into rugs using a dishcloth or doily pattern and a Q hook. They are just really, really big dishcloths or doilies. She made one large enough to fit under her coffee table. She was explaining to me how she connected the ends of the strips when she ran out. I thought she might just sew them together but she cuts a slit in an end of each strip and works one strip through the other and some how this creates a slip knot or something. I haven't been able to picture it in my mind so I'm hoping once I start doing some of these I can figure it out. Yes, another thing to add to the good old "want to crochet now" list. But doesn't everyone need rugs? Isn't a great use for all those old sheets in the linen closet or at the Thrift shop? How much more practical could I be? Those are good arguements for starting yet more project aren't they?

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