Thursday, June 10, 2004

Not much time to write this morning. I'm getting ready to head off to work. I have made some progress on DS#1's birthday stocking. I ran across it while cleaning out baskets of stuff yesterday and since I lost my flippin' four inch wide quilting ruler and had to put DS#3's quilt on hold yet another day, I decided I'd try to finish the Birthday stocking, which of course I didn't, but made good progress.

I also started and finished a crocheted yellow discloth last night while watching tv. Worked up so fast. I plan to keep the Sugar & Cream yarn and the Peaches and Creme yarn and the pattern in a ziploc baggie along with a hook and always have something ready to crochet on near the couch. It's a lot easier to do that instead of cross stitching at night. It's been a little hot even with the a/c running to work on my black and gemstone afghan. The pattern is can be found at the Crochet Me website.

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