Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Views from the Container Garden

We've been following the life of this bell pepper, as you can see below it's a big boy now. I see him surrounded by fajita fixin's before the end of the week. His purpose is to nourish and nourish he shall. It's been a good ride dude!
Has he grown or what? As someone mentioned in the comments, he does look a bit like a gator doesn't he?
Here is the very first tomato from one of my Better Boy tomato plants. Should I be ashamed to admit that I squealed the moment I saw it? Well I did, jumped around, got all excited. I need a life.
These are the first flower clippings from my hearty rose bush. It's a cluster of three, started out as four but one was on the downhill slide so I clipped it away and brought this little cluster in the house. Yes, I crocheted the wash cloth they are sitting on. It's a pattern from crochetme.com

Slow progress is being made on House #2 on HOHRH, haven't finished block 7 on the 5 Panel Throw yet. Hope to make some progress tonight. I guess I went into craft overload this weekend and well, just haven't felt like picking up a needle or a hook. I have been planning some projects, making some supply lists--sometimes that's as much fun as stitching.

I'm trying to be more disciplined with my projects and really, really, really want to finish some things I have started around here. It's the right thing to do, maybe not the most fun thing to do but the "right" thing to do. Can't decide if I'm trying to convince y'all or myself.

I checked out some books on quilting a few days ago and have been dreaming about quilts lately. I found some great fabric at the LQS for DS#1's green Ohio Star. I still need to get it, wanted to have a good idea about how much I need so I'm sure to purchase enough.

On top of that I was telling my friend today that I want to crochet some funky, wild afghans for the living room. No dull, classy colors around here, nope. I want bright, wake up to sunshine colors. I saw a nice orange, cream, black and pale yellow afghan in progress at Like Grandma. I'm now obsessing over these colors. I also saw another one at crochetville.org, in the crochet along forum, the 200 Block crochet- a- long, using Sunburst Orange, some greens, can't remember the other colors but I liked the sound of it. I'm just in the mood for wild and funky at the moment.

Thanks to everyone for their comments.

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Andrea said...

Oh, I love that you're having this big boy with fajitas! We love fajitas! One time we had them for Christmas dinner! Yum!

I scored 68% Dork when I took that test (lots of questions, didn't you think?) But it said i was average, lol. A little bit of geek, nerd and dork all put together.

Hey, I left that recipe for you over on that comment you left on my blog. So simple and good even though it's mostly from a box.

Take care!