Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Weekend Devoted to Crochet(Mostly)

This weekend I worked through my block(no pun intended) on the Homespun® Five-Panel Throw. The blocks are a bit on the wonky side but I'm hoping once they are attached to the panels, it'll straighten them right out. I'm close to having a 6th block finished but decided to go on and take a picture now since there was no way I'd get the other 7 blocks completed tonight. Oh, yeah, we dream BIG here at the Ranch. Once I conquered the problem with the block pattern I didn't think completing the afghan this weekend was unreasonable. Well imagine my surprise when it dawned on me I have a family. They need things like food, laundry, you get the picture. Utter devastation to realize that this quickie afghan would take me longer than a few days. It's ok, I'm very comfortable with not achieving my goals. Too comfortable actually. Hope my mom likes this. I'm pretty much the worst daughter in the world. My mom's birthday was last week, did I send a card? No. Did I send a present? No. From the way she describes her new furniture the colors in this afghan will be a good match, so I want to get it completed and in the mail to her ASAP. In my defense my mother is one of those people that yells at you for spending any money on her. Seriously. But she's also one of those people that thinks if you make something it probably didn't cost too much so while the yarn for this afghan cost me about $50 she'll probably think it cost oh, $20 to make so when she gets it I shouldn't get yelled at too much. The really sad part is that this afghan was supposed to be a housewarming present for her oh, 6 months or so ago. I know I'm the worst daughter in the world.

Did manage a tiny bit of cross stitching but nothing photo worthy. Just a little more work on House #2 on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. Hope to set aside the crochet tonight during the Sopranos and Big Love. Big Love is my new tv addiction. I'm horrible about keeping track of when TV shows come on, TV on DVD is a very good thing in my world, but Big Love, never miss it, sometimes watch it two or three times during the week.

I gave up on the book "gods in Alabama". Great story, wonderful characters(even though I'm in Florida, we're very close to Alabama, I know these people), I recommend it. My problem with it was that I figured it out, read ahead to prove myself right, thus ruining the whole book. So I've moved on to The Labyrinth by Kate Mosse. Just got a page or two read, so far I like it.

We transplanted watermelon plants this weekend and hope they survive the shock. We also dug up a small square section of the backyard that gets a good bit of sun to start our experimental square watermelons. Check out
Crazy Aunt Purl's March archives for the whole story. We're obsessing over this around here. It's my DH's entertainment since he's skipping softball this spring.

We woke up to the sound of rain in the wee hours of Saturday morning. We haven't had rain since I don't remember when. We are like 12 inches below normal right now and in the middle of a drought. So the thunder, lightening and gullywashers of rain were very welcome. Just wish we had had a couple of days of it.

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