Saturday, April 29, 2006

No Real Topic

Today's entry is a just a random mish mosh of things. The picture below is of some towels I received in a cross stitch towel swap a few years ago. I took the picture after reading SouleMama and being reminded of her Corners of my Home project. This is the area above the kitchen sink. Is it wrong to say I'm partial to the Kitchen Closed towel? Or rather the sentiment. Still Life with Crochet---here you see 10 blocks for the Lion Brand 5 Panel Afghan. I don't have the link on this computer and I've already lost this post once, so if hop on over to you can find this pattern in the free crochet pattern section. Only four more blocks to go and then the three double crochet panels that should go fast. With any luck it might just have this in the mail to my mom by the end of next week.
Ahh...this is according the DH and myself the greatest candy invention on the face of the earth. The Cherry Cordial Kiss. These are limited edition so when I run across a bag, I buy them. We're talking taking the milk money and buying candy instead. Let's face it, one can always buy milk, but the Cherry Cordial Kiss, it's existence is short lived. Oh yeah, I'm writing Hershey's, begging to please dump the peanut butter kiss and make the Cherry Cordial kiss part of the regular line. I mean, seriously, if you want peanut butter and chocolate, that's what Reese's Cups are for. No one does peanut butter and chocolate better.
DUDE! Yes, below you see my bell pepper dude, freshly clipped from his plant host. Sure I could have centered him on the plate but then you couldn't see the cute Pistoulet chicken and who wouldn't want a little glimpse of him? Bell pepper dude is resting on my chicken bread plate. Just to give you an idea of his size.
Woot! We have some Roma babies. Twins! Discovered them this morning.
Big Boys! I have one pretty big Better Boy tomato and very close to him, to the lower left you can see a tiny Better Boy just freshly sprouted!
Holy Butterfly Bush Batman! The Budlia, it's a bloomin'! The scent is delicate, reminds me of lilacs.
Want to visit a farm? Always wonder what it would be like to dump the city living and move to a farm? Well if that sounds like you, grab a cuppa and head over to click on the link to the right and start reading. I tried the Chocolate Emergency Cake today and plan to make the Mexican Monkey Cake tonight. Sorry I don't have links to those posts but on the site they are in the right hand column under Recent Posts or Previous Posts. I'm also looking forward to trying her Pita recipe.


Carol said...

Not sure what happened to my comment I wrote a moment ago - I couldn't agree with you more about those cherry cordial kisses :-)

Carol said...

My butterfly bush has three little green leaves on it - only just waking up now in the cold tundra of New Hampshire - LOL!!

Micky said...

Just came by cause I saw your icon on Melissa's (Doodle-Head) comments and thought it was cool.
I went through some of your archives and your work is very pretty. Congrats on the knitting too. My first love was cross-stitch but have been into knitting since I learned. I crochet too. And yours is very nice.

Andrea said...

Love what you did with those towels, very cool! Your crochet looks beautiful, those colors are yummy!

Sharon said...

Melissa, I just love your blog.
Love what you did with those towels on your valance. They look fantastic.
How is your mom's afghan coming along? Did you put it together yet? Can't wait to see it all complete. Your garden is doing so well. Congratulations.
I will have to do a search now for the Cherry Cordial kisses. They sound scrumptous.

Carol said...

I love the colors you are using on the throw. What kind of yarn is that?

FinnyKnits said...

I am so jealous of your Better Boys! I am still trying to coax the tiny seedlings through their transition from pot to yard. They've only just set their second set of leaves. Eek! I promised my midwestern Hubby that I'd have Better Boys this year -- cross your fingers! I look forward to seeing your garden in a few months :)