Saturday, April 08, 2006

Where Did the Week Go?

First of all I want to thank Karen, CJ, Melissa, Sue and Amy for your comments and kind words. They are appreciated. I've been sick all week and haven't really stitched too much. So finally I made myself not go back to sleep after taking the boys to school and went over to the beach and caught the last few minutes of the sunrise.
All over the beach there are these blue jellyfish. I haven't had a chance to look up the exact name but this time of year they wash up all over our beach.
Here are three clustered together and below you will see the blue trail:

The picture above is of Momma Beach. It used to be a county beach but the county, in it's infinite wisdom, sold it to the state on the promise of the state building us a marine sanctuary. The state backed out of the deal because so many tourists would come down here in the spring and drown over on the Gulf side because they don't heed Red Flag warnings, so the state determined that a marine sanctuary would not be a good thing. But the joke ended up being on the state, after Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis they gave all the land back to the county because the state didn't want to rebuild the park they spent no less than three years building. No one can access Momma Beach at the moment without climbing the fence, that would be trespassing(people do it though), because the state park at the moment is condemned because of all the hurricane destruction and the county hasn't cleaned it up and opened the land to the public yet. Until a few years ago the gulf side of this particular section used to be a nude beach.
Above are the Pagodas. Both the tiki hut like building and the one with the green roof were completely destroyed after Ivan and were back and ready for summer when Hurricane Dennis hit last year. They've finally rebuilt and are back up and running again. The building with the green roof is the Sailor Grill, they have a bakery-great cheese pillows-a cheese danish/donut thing that is fabulous and they also have the best burgers around. A Pagoda burger is a favorite of mine. The sunsets are also gorgeous from here. It felt good to get out of the house and walk for a little while but it felt better to get back in the car, get home, take a shower and go back to sleep. Hopefully I'll have a pic of a finished House #4 tomorrow and I want to take a pic of my HOHRH as it looks up this point.

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Sue said...

What interesting blue jellyfish! Do they sting? When I was a kid, swimming in Long Island Sound in the summer always meant getting stung by jellyfish. Owie! It wasn't long before we would only swim in the ocean across the sound and across Fire Island.