Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Old MacDonald

E, I, E, I, O and all that stuff.......Here are a couple of lame gardening pictures because watching plants sprout up from the ground from seed amuses me beyond belief. Below is a picture of my very first sunflower sprout. This is the beginnings of a mammoth sunflower and is supposed to get 12 feet tall. It's also supposed to have edible sunflower seeds. Have to remember to tell the kids that the seeds have to be toasted before eating. Here is a mess of watermelon plants. These are going to be transplanted this weekend. A few will be set aside in an attempt to grow them square(thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl--check her March archives), the rest will be your basic run of the mill watermelons.
Below you will see the very first ever produce I've attempted to grow. It's a little, bitty, teenie-weenie bell pepper. Isn't it just the cutest thing?Can you see the next little cluster of bell pepper pots in the background just above the pepper? (Yes, D-O-R-K, that's me)
I'm container gardening because we've been treating our yard for a few years for fire ants. So I'm not planting anything edible in the ground(I really don't expect the kids to eat the sunflower seeds). Also being in a hurricane zone I can move my produce into the garage when a hurricane is headed this way. I have the beginnings of blooms on my Better Boy tomato plants but nothing worth taking a picture of at the moment. The romas look like they are beginning to bloom too. There are little pods on my jalapeno plants. I've started a wall of mammoth sunflowers on the side of my house. I planted 8 seeds over the weekend and will do some more digging this weekend to plant more seeds. The ground over there is really dry and hard and I don't have a tiller so I'm kind of tilling it myself with my trowel. Yes it's the hard way, but I'm hoping in a month or two I'm going to have a sunflower house(
scroll down to Loose Feathers 2005-then scroll down a little more and you'll see Sunflower House, not Sunflower Charms, scroll down a little more) that's what I want, happy, glorious sunflowers all over the place. I started some red sunflowers in two decorative pots. Not sure how they will do. I have them on the patio table and I'm going to see if they do as well as the ones in the front of the house. I'm planning on moving my tomato plants and bell pepper plants to the back yard as soon as it's getting more hours of sun per day.


Melissa said...

I started my container garden yesterday also. I hope it goes well. I also plan a few square watermelons. I hope they work!

laurie said...

Ya'll... we're going to be square watermelon crazy by the end of the summer!!