Friday, April 14, 2006

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow

Finally got around to taking a picture of my current WIP Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. My neighbors, who already think I'm a flake, saw me climb up on a chair to take the picture of the piece on my patio table. They hollared over the fence, "Do you need some help?" "No" answers I. "What are you doing, do you need a ladder?" "No" I say, "I'm taking a picture of my needlework and I just needed to be a little taller." Silence from the other side of the fence. "Are you still there?" I hollar back. "Yes, just trying to figure out what you're really doing and why you just won't tell us." Ah the life of a stitcher among the average clueless person. I bet they don't know what a blog is either, but we won't get into all that since I'm the neighborhood crazy.


Jenn said...

HHRH is coming along nicely.

Oh the things we will do in the name of stitching. :)

Melissa said...

my family laughs at me taking pics of my FO as well.

KarenV said...

Melissa, it's looking gorgeous! Congratulations on your progress.