Friday, April 14, 2006

Of South Park and Scarborough Country

No crafty post at the moment--but I had to, had to comment on this:

So this week South Park had a controversial episode. What's new? It was more than likely pretty offensive to a good percentage of the country and I'm sure you know who you are. OK, so they replayed it last night, I fell asleep before the end of the show on Wednesday and I'm watching it, and yes, the ending was juvenile, what do you expect, it's South Park. So the DH who can't control the clickie finger was flipping away at channels and stopped it at MSNBC. On the show Scarborough Country they are discussing this episode, like it's news or something. So let me take a moment and enlighten the pundits who were the "experts" called in to discuss this issue.

Can't you people-the so-called "experts" wrap your brain around a joke? The disclaimer that "Comedy Central" ran was part of the joke. It wasn't Comedy Central censoring the image, it was PART OF THE JOKE! Who are you people?(It's obvious you don't watch the show because the controversial image has been shown on South Park before, The Super Best Friends Episode) Now Trey, Matt, if you're reading this and I'm wrong and Comedy Central did censor you, leave me a comment and I'll correct my statement. Although there's absolutely no way anyone but Trey or Matt could convince me that wasn't part of the joke. But these "experts", the DH and I laughed so hard listening to them debate this episode like it was "news". It's not news that South Park is an equal opportunity offender. It's not news that they would take this issue and make the ending as offensive as possible, for reasons that are obvious. Come on, wake up. It's South Park, HELLO! Seriously, I was laughing harder at Scarborough Country than South Park.


Melissa said...

Amen to everything you said. That really cracks me up. It's like people just discover that it's controversial one day as they wake out of their fog.

Sue said...

I don't watch South Park but heard that Tom Cruise was threatening to sue over an episode about him. That's where I have to say, HELLO? Be flattered that you're being spoofed! It's all part of being famous and South Park makes fun of everybody.