Saturday, December 31, 2005

Ready For Some Flakes

Starting Monday I'm going to attempt some snowflakes. Julie's Snowflake Mondays are going to be a part of my new year. Will I really have 51 or so by the time Christmas rolls around next year, probably not but I hope to be close. One flake a week, very doable. I also bought a ball of some white thread with silver metallic running through it but somehow I have lost it between here and the store who shall not be named. Julie also pointed me in the direction of the 99 Snowflakes book. I hope there's not another out there somewhere. This was the only one I saw at Joann's, had a 40% off coupon too. I'm hoping once I get a few snowflakes under my belt I'll feel confidant enough to attempt a doily or two.

Also planned in the crochet department for 2006, making DS#3 his own afghan. He insists on red, white and blue. He designed it himself, well inspired by the flag but he says skip on the stars. He's happy with one big ol' blue block then red and white stripes flag style. So I'll be figuring this one out as I go along. I'm wild that way. I'm thinking it's going to be pretty simple which means it's going to be a nightmare. For some reason I think before it's over I'll be searching for a star pattern I can crochet and sew stars on to the blue block of this afghan but I'll think about that some other time.

For dinner tonight I think I'm going to attempt this:

Williams-Sonoma Recipe View

A friend made it the other day and said it was great. I so love my crockpot. It's right behind the iPod and the computer as far as great inventions go.

We're planning a quiet New Year's Eve. Probably will watch a few episodes of Season 2 of The O.C. Although as much as I love The O.C. I'm not in the mood for teen angst at the moment.

Cross Stitching

Well, where am I? Let's see still no cow on Houses of Hawk Run Hollow but I'm getting there.

I plan to start Hands To Work-Bird In Hand sometime today because really shouldn't the year end how it began? Starting one more project that won't get finished in 2005. It just seems right.

Tomorrow I will start Sarah Tatum Reproduction Sampler-Scarlet Letter. This is kitted and ready to go. Some friends and I, Siobhan, Sharon, and Val, will be doing a SAL of this piece. With any luck we'll keep each other motivated and get this piece finished in 2006.

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Julie said...

That is the book! You're going to have so much fun! :o)