Thursday, December 29, 2005

Works In Progress

With 2005 coming to an end and 2006 right around the corner it's time to own up to all the WIP I have going. It's kind of scary.

In no particular order here is the list of the projects that I have started sometime in 2005 or before. One project on this list was started as far back as 1985.

Fairy Grandmother-MLI
Lady of the Flag-Mirabilia
Deco Spirits-Mirabilia
Garner Dragonfly-Dimples Designs
Cowboy Boots-Design Connection
Dragon Isle-Stitchworld
Mermaid of the Pearls-Mirabilia
Three Pale Eggs-Shepherds Bush
Santa of the Forest-MLI
Serene Shores-Dimensions(started sometime in 1985)
Fantasy Triptyche-Teresa Wentzler
Tradewinds-Teresa Wentzler
Liberty Sampler-Hester's Needle
Klimt's Kiss-FAHS
With My Needle-Goode Huswif
Very Fine Sampler-BOAF
I'll Always Be A Wildflower-SamSarah
Santa B Good-Sisters and Bestfriends
Mouline Rouge-Long Dog
And They Sinned-Examplar Dames
Flip Flop Days-JABC Button Company
Betty Broomstick-Lizzie Kate
Wendell the Warlock-Mosey N Me
Vinnie Von Fang-Lizzie Kate
Remember Me On Halloween-BOAF
Romantic Rhapsody-JCS(this is from an issue in Feb. of '97 or '98)
Sanctuary-The Drawn Thread
Houses of Hawk Run Hollow-CHS
Change of Pace-Graphs by Barbara & Cheryl
Perfect Setting-Graphs by Barbara & Cheryl

If any of my stitching friends are reading this and you can think of a project I left off the list let me know. I kind of compiled it off the top of my head. No time to dig through stuff and pull everything out. I believe it's pretty close to accurate.

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Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Wow! That's an impressive list of WIPs. So many of them are on my own future 'to do' list. I'll look forward to watching your progress in 2006.