Monday, January 10, 2005

Sunday's Project

Here's what we started with:

After some sanding and some painting we reached this point:

Then after letting the paint dry, running to JoAnn's to purchase a staple gun and staples this is where we found ourselves at dusk:

DH did a great job didn't he? We acquired these chairs for free. They don't match our oak dining table at all, so we decided to get creative. I saw in a magazine at one time a table with mix and match chairs, all different colors and styles. I figured we could make that work to our advantage. DH wasn't very supportive at first until he started to see everything come together. The fabric was $3.50 a yard at JoAnn's. He didn't like the fabric at first either. He said and I quote, "We're just not that hip." It was then I determined I had been "served" so this vision was going to happen. We matched paint chips to fabric, then paint chips to cheaper paint chips, bought a staple gun, and DH spent Sunday bringing it all together. There are three more chairs, a yellow, an orange, and bluer shade of tourquoise than you see in this picture. They were wet and drying in the messy, messy garage so I took a pass on taking their picture.

If I can ever get the laundry off the dining table, find a new table cloth and make a runner out of left over fabric, I might just a take a pic of the 100% completed project.

Pet Peeve of the Weekend

Going to the bookstore, wanting to purchase a book, the book is the only one in stock, the cover has been bent and mangled in various places, and the bookstore won't take a dime off the price of the book. Do they think it's ok to sell a damaged book? Am I a freak? I just think that if you're going to spend X amount of dollars on a cookbook, any damage to the book should occur after you get it home. Don't know why I even wanted to buy a cookbook, we can't figure out how to relight the pilot in the gas oven. I hate to pay someone to come out and light it, it seems like it should be simple thing. So we are going to figure this out over the next week, or rather we'll pay someone to come light the stove after we've stared at it for the next few days, tried to light it with telekinesis, gotten close to lighting it but then the whole fear of blowing the house up takes over so we don't really attempt to light the pilot, just go through the motions. I mean we aren't really going to put actual fire anywhere near that stove. We just have to feel like we've attempted it on our own then we can justify calling someone out to the house, paying them however much it's going to cost, because we made the effort.

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