Monday, January 17, 2005

In Search Of

With apologies to Leonard Nimoy, the remote. Hmmm, what would possess any woman to go on a frantic search for the elusive remote control? How about the fact that the aforementioned woman can't watch a flippin' DVD without the tv remote as the tv has to be on the video channel to be able to view the DVD and one can't put the tv on the video channel without the remote. Who new that a $28 DVD player holds all the power? Or is it as the DH has always said, "The remote holds all the power."

Hoping for some crochet pics tomorrow, but I'm stuck on one of the rounds of the flower block. I've frogged about a gazillion times and can't seem to get the thing right. There's some step I'm missing, or the error is in the round before, but it appears to be correct. Quite the conundrum.

What DVD was I so anxious to watch? The Village. DH said it was lame, I thought it was great, even though I had sorta kinda figured out the premise before I ever watched it. It was the only thing that made sense to me just from reading a few reviews. Tomorrow night we are going to watch Anchorman. Got to love that Will Ferrell.

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