Friday, January 14, 2005

Hissy Fit

Apologies for the hissy fit in the previous post. I'm over it, have moved on and understand I behaved badly.

Crochet Stuff

A while back I started a Peyote Granny that I ended up renaming Girlpower Granny and giving it to my great niece. Yesterday while laying on the couch and watching A Passage to India I decided to not make my own Girl Power Granny. So then I pondered what to do with all these super bright Red Heart yarn colors. I pulled out several crochet books and decided on Granny's Flowers from Vanna's Afghans All Through the House. By the time I made that decision I had to jump in the truck to go meet the DH and pay bills. So I thought with all the rain coming down it couldn't hurt to bring a project with me so I stuffed a couple of balls of my yarn(I wound them using the very low tech method of a toilet paper roll with a slit in the top), my book(didn't have time to make a copy of the chart), a pair of scissors(I remembered to bring a pair of scissors, go me!). I get to the meeting place, DH calls and lets me know he's going to be late, so I pull out my book, my yarn and my, my, uh, where's the flippin' crochet hook? I remember scissors, I remember the yarn, I remember the pattern and I forget the crochet hook. Let's see, there's a JoAnn's just over the bridge, do I really want to get out in this storm and buy a new crochet hook-size J, do I need to tell you how many J crochet hooks I already have in the stash? OK, I decide, who knows how long the DH is going to be, so I pull out of the parking lot head to JoAnn's get soaking wet but leave with my J hook(after freaking out when I saw every size but J, then I saw it behind the K hooks.) Get back in the truck, head back to the bank, and start the first flower block of the aghan using Red Heart Kids Pink. I managed to get one petal finished before DH showed up. I plan to crochet the flowers using bright pink, bright orange, lavendar, bright blue(or maybe it's a dark blue, haven't looked in that bag in a while, basically all the colors I used in the previous project, along with orchid and purple). The granny squares will all be in yellow and I may use Red Heart's Pinata, an ombre, for the lacy border around the finished afghan. Yes, I know that ombres take away from the pattern but right now that's what I'm going with, I may change my mind(I'm thinking Pinata for the granny squares and bright yellow for the border too). My first flower block is almost finished. Hopefully I'll have a pic or two tomorrow. Believe me I do have a clue how ugly this afghan could be. Then again it may all come together in the end and work(this coming from someone with absolutely no color sense at all). Some of the crochet projects of the 60s and 70s were successes despite popular belief. They weren't all orange, brown and avocado green ripple afghans. Surely there's hope for this bright, happy afghan. At least that's how it looks in my head.

What inspired me to pull out the hook? I was tired of working on Fairy Grandmother. It's tedious and slow and I've been working on it every day before work and yesterday was my day off so I decided to take a break from FG and work on something else.

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