Wednesday, January 19, 2005


What is the definition of dumbass? Hmm how a person who forgets to pay the gas bill, forgets to call the gas company and let them they'll be in to pay the bill on Thursday, and those two actions cause the gas to be shut off! DUMBASS! MOI!

I can't believe this happened. In the three years we've lived here and had gas heat, gas stove and gas water heater we've managed to always pay that particular bill on time because we knew that it would be a pain to get it turned back on. But this month, I wasn't paying attention, DH had the date of the 20th in his head so I come home from work and what do I find, no hot water, a chilly house and the stove won't light. Deduction? Gas service has been disconnected. Sometimes I can't believe how absolutely stupid and irresponsible the DH and I can be. Hard to believe we are both 40 isn't it? Now I guess I'm going to have to set up some appt to get someone out here to relight all the pilots. What a mess.

Somedays it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

On a positive note since I'll more than likely spend my day off waiting on the gas person to come light everything, maybe I'll get some new pics up on the blog. Who knows maybe I'll figure out what the heck I'm doing wrong on round 7 of my flower block. Maybe if I'm lucky I can find someone else to work on Friday and just sit around and spend another day waiting on the gas person.

Speaking of work, in today's classifieds I ran across an ad for a BBQ business for sale. Guess I'm not going to have a job too much longer. I called DH and told him we need to start budgeting again, this is before I discovered the gas had been shut off. Funny thing just last week the owner told me they weren't selling the business. Guess they didn't want all of us to quit and find other jobs. Unless I don't have a choice I'm planning to once again become a stay at home mom. We survived for 8 yrs on one salary, we're eating out way too much, time to get a little bit of my life back. Maybe I'll be able to remember to pay the gas.

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