Friday, October 01, 2004

Bad Omens Revisited

Yesterday I went on and on about the full red moon Wednesday night and how that was a sign of bad things to come. I went on to tell of my toilet troubles, etc. Well last night a semi drove into the small parking lot of the place where I work and managed to tear down all the power lines running from the pole to the building and to the bait shop next door. There were sparks, there was fire, there was a lot of damage. The icing on the cake was the driver getting out of the truck and saying, "Guess we can't get nothing to eat huh?" What an idiot! Why he thought he could pull into the parking lot and not tear down those low hanging lines I will never know. So today we are opening and going to run on power from the bait shop and from a couple of generators. What a mess. We are finally up and running again, make a lot of money for a change and then this happens. DH said he will never ignore me and my old wive's tales any more.

Back to Autumn

Here's today's Ode to Autumn stitching:

The designer is Birds of a Feather. I love their stuff!

Missing My Beach

I'm so lonely for my beach. We still aren't allowed on the beach and I'm completely annoyed about this. I don't see why repairing that 1/8 of a mile of road is so difficult. Repair it, open up the state park at the bottom of the bridge and the free county park right next to it. Set up a road block right there at the convenience store and let people use the beach. Set up a patrol at the base of the pier and don't let people beyond that point, but let us have access to our beach even if it's just a small portion of it.

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