Saturday, October 16, 2004

Quiet Lonely Weekend

The DH is gone this weekend. He's on his spiritual mecca to Oakland, CA to worship at the Raider Shrine. I miss him more than I thought I would. I figured with the boys here, tons of neighbor kids I wouldn't miss him too much, but I do. I guess that's a good thing after 19 yrs of marriage.

Weekend Plans

Yesterday at Walmart I bought 8 skeins of Lionbrand Homespun in the Waterfall color. I love the colors in this yarn, reminds me of Red Heart Ocean which is one of my favorite ombres. I want to make this afghan: Welcome to the official Lion Brand® Yarn Knitting and Crocheting Web Site. If the afghan pattern doesn't come up in the link, click on Crochet Patterns in the column to the left and then on the Waterfall afghan. I also have some Plantation Homespun here to make the same afghan in that color too. I had intended for it to be for my oldest son whose favorite color is green but he said it wasn't bright enough, so I'm in search of the perfect neon green yarn(other than Red Heart Kids Lime) for his afghan. He likes Red Heart's Paddy Green, I don't so I'm trying to decide if I can crochet him an afghan in a color that I dislike so much.

I also bought some Red Heart Ranch Red and Farmland after seeing yarngirl 's shawl. I loved the colors so much. I thought about using the Farmland as fringe on a Red Heart Cornmeal shawl because I fell in love with Cornmeal after seeing yarnicopia, Ro's Cornmeal shawl, but my Walmart was out of the Cornmeal, so I couldn't really see if the Farmland would work with the Cornmeal as fringe. If I have to make a trip to my other Walmart in the not too distant future(and who doesn't?) I'm hoping they'll have some Cornmeal and then I can play around with the Farmland/Cornmeal idea. Until then it doesn't hurt to have extra yarn around in pretty colors does it?

I'm still working on my mailart for my friend. I had hoped it'd be finished by this morning but it's not so that's my project for the day. Hopefully I'll finish it by this afternoon and then can sew it together tomorrow. I have a stack of movies here to watch, but I also have Katie McAlister's A Girl's Guide to Vampires here to read. I'd like to read it this weekend too. Crochet, cross stitch, books, movies, no DH, food in the house, what do I do first?

After following Hazelnut Latte's knitting progress, I think I'm going to invest in that Coats & Clark Knitting CDRom. It's obviously good, Becky is already knitting socks! Her knitting skills have progressed rapidly and I'm hoping to have to have the same luck but I just can't imagine me knitting with three needles. Heck I can't imagine me knitting with two needles. The CD Rom isn't available locally so I'm going to order it from either Mary Maxim or Herrschnerrs. I saw it in one of their catalogs.

After a discussion in my email loop over Christmas music, I've pulled out the Christmas CDs and am trying to get myself in the Christmas state of mind. I made a trip to the LNS on Wednesday and got some ornament cuts of fabric to make a few ornaments. I also picked up the WDWs I needed for BOAF's Remember Me On Halloween. I think this link takes you to the main Halloween page, it's the third design on the top row. I've had this in the stash for years and started it once on aida with DMC, ick. So I tossed that and restarted it on some 32ct willow linen and am using a mix of WDWs and GASTs. My LNS didn't have all the WDWs I needed so I subbed some of the GASTs for them. I think they'll work ok. I always cringe when I have to make a color decision, I have no sense of what matches, what works together but I went ahead and did the best I could. This is such a busy piece hopefully just about anything will work with it.

Last night while at the mall with the boys I bought two new large Yankee Candles. I bought my old faithful Home Sweet Home scent and I also bought Sunwashed Linen. Smells just like you'd imagine, laundry. I figure with 5 cats, 1 dog and three boys one's home can smell worse than clean laundry. At the very least DH will think he has clean clothes. Next trip to the mall I plan to buy one of the Midsummer's Eve candles. I love that smell. It's another old favorite. These candles are definitely worth the money, my Home Sweet Home large jar candle has lasted me at least two years. I just hate that they keep discontinuing my favorite scents. Lemonlime was a great fresh scent and I'm down to my last inch or so of candle in the jar. I'm hoping Home Sweet Home and Midsummer's Eve are in the inventory forever.

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