Friday, October 22, 2004

Crochet Crazy

This weekend I plan to start a new afghan. I'm going to call it Ode to Yarngirl because Julie was the inspiration. A while back she posted a pic of a shawl she finished for herself. The color she used for the shawl was Red Heart's Ranch Red and the fringe was made using Red Heart's Farmland. I became obsessed with these colors because they are just glorious together. I've been trying to decide what I could make using these colors and I've finally decided I'm going to do a single crochet afghan(yes I know kind of boring, not challenging, but I think it's going to be lovely, and I really didn't want to do another ripple afghan right now). I plan to SC two full skeins of Ranch Red, then SC a full skein of Red Heart Gold, then a full skein of Red Heart Med Thyme, then I'll use three full skeins of the Ranch Red(depending on how large it is at this point I may opt for just two skeins), then finish the afghan with a band of the med thyme, then the gold, then two skeins of Ranch Red, then I plan to SC around the afghan two or three times, maybe 4 using the Red Heart Farmland. I hope it turns out as pretty as I imagine it. All of these plans are flexible depending on how big the afghan grows with each skein. I have no sense of how much of an area can be crocheted using two 8 oz skeins of Red Heart yarn. My gold and med thyme bands may be way too wide if I use a full skein so I'm just going to play it by ear.

Last night I went and purchased my dream dishes. I have been carrying one of the bowls around all day just to show people how pretty they are. I can't believe they are mine, all mine. Of course I now need to get my kitchen sparkling so it is worthy of these magnificent dishes.

Today, thanks to Annette's Acre, I went this afternoon and purchased The Cake Mix Doctor's Cookbook. Can't wait to try quite a few of the recipes. I thought it would be a good investment right here before the holidays. Are you buying that reasoning? Works for me.

What could be better a weekend filled with crochet, yummy cake and pretty plates to eat it on?

I rented Van Helsing to watch tonight and my stupid DVD player can't read the flippin' DVD. I keep getting this 13:00 code. Annoying to say the least. I know eventually my DVD player will read the DVD but I'm really tired of opening, closing and hitting play, and repeating the action. I'm to the point of trashing the DVD player altogether and buying a new one. This one is an older model Sony and it's never made it easy to watch DVDs. I also rented Lady Killers and The Magdalene Sisters. I bought the movie Dirty Pretty Things on video, it was only $5 in the used video bin. I don't know if any of these movies are worth watching but they should keep me busy while crocheting this weekend. I keep hoping I won't have to leave the house but I'm sure I will we need groceries, the kids need haircuts, no chance of getting to sit around the house for hours and hours, I plan to give it my best shot on Sunday though. I'm hoping to get everything done Saturday and early Saturday at that and then spend the rest of my time doing what I want to do. Which consists of sitting on the couch working on a project and not moving unless it's to get something to drink or pee. Sounds like Heaven to me. Do I truly see it happening?

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