Thursday, September 30, 2004

More Autumn Stitching

Not a very catchy title. But here is today's tribute to my most favorite of seasons and holidays, Earth Threads, Lambs Halloween. This piece is a sentimental favorite as it's my first time using an evenweave linen, my first time using GASTs, and my first attempt at speciality stitches.

Bad Omens

Last night I knew when I looked up at that blood red moon that I was being set up for a major catastrophe. I had nightmares all night, woke up, used the bathroom, and flushed. Upon flushing, the toilet backed up. But it didn't stop there, DH flushed the other toilet and it overflowed(fortunately full of clean water), the washer was running and I stopped it immediately. So then I take DH over to hook up with his carpool sobbing all the way, come back home and everything is fine. Flushed each toilet three times back to back to back. Flushed fine. So I turn the washer back on, it reaches the first drain cycle, toilets start talking, water starts flowing gently into each bathtub. This is not good. I have to work today, there's just no getting out of it, I'm hoping this is just a temporary kind of clog that just needs a little time to work it's way through the pipes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will go ok while I'm at work.

I've been crying all morning. When the toilet in my bathroom overflowed it ran into the litterbox, sounds like the appropriate place for funky toilet water, but not when the litter box then overflows. I'm still afraid to go into the bathroom. I'm supposed to call a plumber and expect him to walk into that funky mess? Yea, I know that's sorta like their job but ick. Shouldn't take too long to clean, I just dread it. DH then tells me that I brought all this on myself by even saying outloud that the moon last night would bring trouble. The nightmares were kind of weird. One was just a horrible nightmare related to my fired former coworker and him acting on his anger, if you get my drift, the rest were related to my job itself. Being overwhelmed with customers, running out of food, people getting upset and causing problems, me not being able to do anything right. Then I wake up to an overwhelmed toilet. Just not good. One of those days when you know you should just stay in bed and hide from the world. It doesn't help that I'm majorly PMSing. It just adds to the emotional rollercoaster. I mean does anyone really break down and sob just because a toilet overflows into a litterbox. It's not the end of the world. I know that in the big scheme of things this is just a minor blip on the old radar screen. But for some reason this morning it was just more than I could handle. Maybe it's because I cleaned all day long yesterday and filled up several garbage bags of trash and the house still looks like one of Saddam's palaces after the bombings. Maybe it's because my kids aren't going back to school until October 11th. They are getting restless, bored, and I worry about going to work and leaving them, even if it's only for 5 hours and just around the corner. They are good kids, but being out of school is starting to get to them, and I worry what they might start doing to entertain themselves. I'm tired of flippin' cold showers, and can't seem to find a plumber to replace my gas hotwater heater at the moment, thanks to Hurricane Ivan, and now I have toilets overflowing, which is definitely an emergency(under control at the moment-fingers and toes crossed) but if I can't get a simple gas water heater replaced, how am I going to find anyone to fix my overwhelmed plumbing system?

Maybe this all just seems like a lot because of my PMS or because of the fact that I'm late, at least a week. Could be the stress of Ivan, could be I'm just late or didn't count my days correctly, could be I'm preggers. Oh well, time will tell won't it?

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