Sunday, October 10, 2004

Quiet Rainy Weekend

The last two days have been nice and quiet around here. Yesterday I made a trip over to Pensacola to go to Hobby Lobby, there was an ad in the Sunday paper, I assumed they survived Hurricane Ivan. WRONG! We got all the way over there and they were closed, with a huge hole in the front of the building. So the trip wouldn't be a waste we headed over to Micheals. Should have just headed home. Micheals is awful, at least the one near me. Although "near" is a realitive term. So few yarns, no one to answer any questions. I ended up buying a package of woven label stickers for scrapbooking, a metal glue for scrapbooking and TW's Egyptian Sampler. I had intended to pick up Celestial Dragon too and forgot it. The sad part is, I only spent the money because I didn't want that 30 miles out of the way trip to be for nothing. Guess I'll be doing all my inexpensive yarn shopping via catalog or internet from now on.

Today I put the first stitches into BOAF's Remember Me on Halloween. I believe the design can be seen at I love this piece. I had started it years ago on aida with DMC and hated it. Then I misplaced the chart and found it yesterday while searching for two other charts. One, an ornament chart I want to stitch for three friends. They are all stitchers. I want to do the same ornament for all three. Is that ok? I want to stitch this particular ornament because it's my favorite ornament of all time. I recieved it in a swap one year and love it so much, I want to stitch it for these special friends. Will I actually be able to accomplish this? Hmmmm, that remains to be seen. Will my friends be insulted to know that I stitched the same ornament for each of them(they all know each other too)?

DH is heading out to Oakland, CA next weekend to see the Raiders play Denver. I'm hoping for a quiet weekend of watching movies and stitching. I'd love to get at least one of these ornaments finished over the weekend. I have so much I want to do over the next few weeks. I can only dream about all I hope to cram into one weekend.

I can't believe we are almost to the middle of October. I've lost a month somewhere. With the kids being out of school for the last month, THANK YOU IVAN(insert sarcastic tone), I've been in a summer frame of mind. I've barely even started to think about Halloween, now I'm feeling the Thanksgiving/Christmas crunch coming on.

On a happy relaxing note, I'm planning a major trip to the LNS on Wednesday. I want to pick up these two Mirabilia charts:

Madonna of the Garden #79 and Royal Holiday (a Christmas Queen) #78

I'm usually not too big on her Queens as they all appear to be smelling a distasteful odor but the Christmas Queen has grown on me and Madonna of the Garden is, what can I say, just a beautiful piece. I have so many Mirabilias I need to get kitted up in the next few weeks so I'll have them all ready to stitch sometime in the future. I worry about not having the money for fabric when I finally decide to stitch something. It doesn't spoil so I look at it as an investment in a happy stitching future. I'm going through a period when I feel like I need to stock up on luxury items and that is definitely my stitching. I haven't had a major LNS spending spree in a while so I plan to pick up these two charts if they have them in stock, a couple of Halloween L*K charts, and some WDWs I need for Remember Me on Halloween.

I've given up stressing over finishing anything. I just can't stitch like that. If I want to stitch something for someone it has to be without a deadline. I will stitch it because I love them and want to stitch it for them but I can't put a deadline on it or it will never get worked on because I will begin to resent the project. I just can't give something away to someone knowing that I might have stitched on it while having deep feelings of resentment. That's just putting bad karma out there all over the place. So if I want to stitch something for someone, from now on I will not put a deadline on it. I'll just stitch and hope that I manage to finish it in their lifetime.

I'm also going through a phase where all my projects are literally screaming at me, work on me, start me, fondle me. They just won't be quiet. I spent all day yesterday looking for my L*K Betty Broomstick kit. I can't find her. I found her boyfriend Vinnie Von Fang but no sign of Betty anywhere. The last time I saw her was sometime last Christmas when I pulled her out to take on a plane with me. She did make it home, just not sure where I put her when I got back. This is the story of my life. I used to be so organized where my stitching is concerned, I think stash accumulation has made me careless with my stitching stuff. I know bite your tongue, get your priorities straight.

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