Sunday, September 12, 2004

Busy Weekend

Yesterday I wrote a blog entry and then immediately deleted it. Not because I wanted to but because sometimes I just do really dumb things like click the wrong button.

Yesterday DH and I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and what do I see being built in the shopping plaza next to the Cracker Barrel? A Micheals!!! YEA!!! Go Destin, Florida. Finally a Micheals in an area I don't mind driving to and I never get lost there like I do in Pensacola.

Then to make the morning even better I found Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book at Barnes & Noble.

This book, IMHO, is fabulous. I love all the blocks and her color choices are great. A color challenged chick like myself finds this very comforting. She gives you tips for working different blocks together and also shows quite a few of the blocks in different color ways. I want make her afghan Eastern Promise and use her color choices.

Then last night I took DS#1 to BooksAMillion and bought Jan Eaton's Crochet Basics.

I debated over buying this book for a few days. I couldn't decide if it was information I already had in various books around the house or if it was something I really "needed". I decided last night that I like the layout of the book, the way it explains finishing and the diagrams of how to do certain things. I've kind of been winging my way through a lot of the finishing techniques and I think that this book will help my crochet projects have a nicer finished look to them. I also love the section on shaped motifs. These happen to be my current obsession, I want to make a hexagon shaped edging for a future afghan that so far I have only dreamed about.

Now that was all the good news. The bad news: our garage flooded yesterday morning and our hot water heater is leaking, we are now suffering through cold showers. ICK. I'm hoping it can be fixed tomorrow but with people boarding up houses in anticipation of Hurricane Ivan, who knows when the property manager will be able to get someone over here to replace the hot water heater. On a positive note all the stash had stored in the garage in Rubbermaid buckets is fine, even the stash in Sterilite brand buckets came through totally dry. I almost lost my high school diploma and my 7th grade year book had a nice dunking but I think for the most part everything that was ruined was stuff that should have been thrown out anyway. At least now we have a fairly clean garage. Before it was a disaster, I mean, no where to walk. Now everything is moved to the left side, the floor is nice and clean, trash hauled away. I guess going without hot water for a few days can have it's perks.

DH and I are now having serious discussions about what to do about Hurricane Ivan. Neighbors are boarding up, he's watching football. Most people have an evacuation plan, he's watching football. Until someone gives him some solid info he's not moving. Know what that means? I'll be the one boarding up the house Tuesday or Wednesday not him. Men. Is there a more frustrating creature on this earth than a man? I don't think so.

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