Monday, September 06, 2004

Labor Day

It really is Labor Day for me. I have to work. Thought Tropical Storm Frances would give me a day off but it looks like she's going to be a mere 20 miles east of us. We may not even get a drop of rain or a gust of wind. They're predicting rain and wind but I think this is going to stay well east of us since Frances is moving north, not NW.


Yesterday I found the new Interweave Knits Special Crochet issue and I went to sleep last night dreaming of yarn and a myriad of crochet projects. In the magazine there's a child's Yo-Yo Cardigan that is very cool. I think I'm going to do a single crochet afghan, using a lot of different colors for thin stripes, then use the Yo-Yos to edge the afghan instead of fringe. I love those little Yo-Yos. I want to start making some now but I'm trying to decide what yarn colors to use. I found a lot of Caron Simply Soft Brights at Hobby Lobby Saturday and also some great bright colors in LionBrand's WoolEase. I decided that if I did decide to make my own Girl Power Granny(it looked very cool on the back of the couch) I'd make mine in the Simply Soft Brights or the WoolEase or maybe even a mix of those yarns. I'm trying to get over being so anal about having to use the same brand of yarn through out a project. I'm pretty sure if I don't buy enough of the Caron Simply Soft Brights it wouldn't be a crime to mix in some regular Red Heart granny blocks or even some Wool Ease blocks or I could buy the Wool Ease and Simply Soft Brights for the blocks themselves and use up my RH Bright Yellow stash(I have a lot of that color) for the last round on each block. I just never trust my judgement where colors and yarns are concerned. I want to create but I want someone to give me permission, to tell me that my color choices are good and that I can mix this and that it's fine, lightening won't strike me. There's no better feeling in the world than being inspired to create something. Those Yo-Yos inspire the heck out of me.

I managed to finish my girl power granny afghan for my niece Harleigh and it's on it's way to her. I thought it turned out to be a very pretty afghan. I wasn't able to take a finished pic of it but the pic I posted here in a previous post is a pretty good representation of the finished project.

I see a huge yarn shopping trip in the not too distant future. I love the Hobby Lobby yarn section. Such a great variety of yarns. I went looking for something to crochet two of my nieces ponchos with and couldn't find what I was looking for or least something that got me excited. I wanted to do them in Lionbrand's Carribean Homespun and then trim them with fun fur but Hobby Lobby doesn't carry the Carribean Homespun. I plan to make a Micheals run one day this week or maybe next Saturday. Maybe they'll have the Carribean Homespun in stock.

Cross Stitch

Not a lot of stitching getting done around here. I'm working way too much. I still haven't finished L'Ete but hopefully soon. Especially since I have a pile of cross stitch projects I want to start and finish in this lifetime.

I'm trying to be a one at a time girl and finish the cross stitch projects I have started but that remains to be seen. There's just so much out there I want to do.

Blogging Frustration

Saturday I wrote a long blog entry and it just disappeared. There's nothing more irritating or frustating than that. Just makes me want to scream. Hopefully this one will not get lost in some cyberspace worm hole.

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