Thursday, August 19, 2004

Today is going to be busy. I have to get my cat, Crystal, to the vet's early so she can be fixed. She's been in and out of heat for the last few months and it's making us all crazy. We also have a male cat who isn't fixed and he's really old but Crystal's dance of seduction has managed to catch his attention. It's not pretty around here. All that will be taken care of today, finally. Took me forever to get an appointment.

Then I have to get DS#3 to school on time since the vet's office is 20 miles in another direction and Crystal has to be there by 8:30. Since traffic is kind of iffy, I'm going to take DS#3 to school after dropping Crystal off, then I have to rush to work, then I have to rush out of work to pick Crystal up by 4:30. Guess I'm going to spend most of the day running here and there. I really hate these kind of days. I hate rushing anywhere. I'm one of those people that never understands road rage. You'll get there when you get there, ya know?

Guilty Secret

I'm so ashamed to admit this but I love Court TV's Nancy Grace and her coverage of the Scott Petersen trial. I'm addicted to listening to those tapes. I know it's idiocy, but I flip around the channels, find the tapes being played and I have to stop and listen. I also watch Dan Abrams on MSNBC and Greta on Fox.

Needlework Update

Still can't find my crochet hook for the Granny Squares so I'm making a Walmart run this afternoon and picking up several size F and G crochet hooks. I can't seem to find any of mine around the house in these two sizes. I know that at one time I had five of each because I tend to buy a new crochet hook to go with each project because I forget what I have at home. Since all of these are missing it means I must have put them in a safe place and have forgotten where that safe place is. I do this way too often. Thank Heaven crochet hooks are inexpensive. I do have my wooden crochet hooks but since I started the Granny Squares with a Boye hook I think I ought to keep using the same brand. My wooden crochet hook tends to make me crochet much tighter.

I've been working off and on L'Ete and hope to have her finished soon, since I just typed those words it means I'll probably now set L'Ete aside for the next 6 months. No, I'm going to do that.

Yesterday I was browsing my friend Siobhan's webshot album of her needlework and was so inspired that I am on a mission to finish L'Ete and pull out all my other Birds of a Feather designs that are kitted and ready to go and start working on those. Until I started looking at Siobhan's finished pics, I had forgotten how beautiful so many of these projects are. They are just sitting in the "ready to be stitched" bucket, ignored on a daily basis. It's must be awful for them.

I have so many projects started that I think I'm going to try to be a one at a time girl for a while and see what I can get finished. I tend to bounce around from project to project when boredom sets in but I'm going to see how disciplined I can be the next couple of weeks. I see the end in sight where L'Ete is concerned and if I could just get focused I might be able to finish several more projects thisclose to being finished.

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