Saturday, August 07, 2004

Today has been a lazy day. A very lazy day that I have wasted. I haven't crossed one stitch or crocheted one granny square. I haven't even read a page out any of my recently acquired library books. Today has been spent catching up on blogs that I haven't been able to read over the last three weeks.

I do have big plans for next week. I'm hoping to get a digital camera and also plan to buy the new Carl Hiaasen novel Skinny Dip and also pick up Maureen Dowd's Bushworld. The new Alice Hoffman book Blackbird House sounds good too. Uh, excuse me, I have just mistaken myself for someone with a bottomless bank account.

Just received confirmation from Amazon that this is on it's way to me:

I ordered another book at the same time, way back in June, but it's release has been delayed I guess. I'm hoping this book:

will be on it's way to me in the not so distant future. I'm also eagerly awaiting Interweave Knits Special Crochet issue.

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