Friday, August 27, 2004

Blogging's been sporadic at best lately. I've been working so much, not much time for life.

The inlaws are here this weekend. My house is a disaster. There is no walking space in the living room as DS#3 and one of his friends dumped out the toy bucket and of course they didn't pick them up when finished and my crochet and cross stitch are all over the place. The laundry is finally off the dining table. I told them they couldn't come over until I had time to run the vacuum. We have five cats too and a dog, this place is wild. I've been working so much that when I come home all I want to do is go to bed. I work in a barbque trailer, in the heat. No a/c. Yesterday I was especially shattered when I came home. The humidity was so high I was sweating from the time I got there until I left, top it off with no a/c in my truck--hadn't had time to take it to the garage and get freon put it in it. Hope I spelled freon correctly. All that said, I love where I work. It's exhausting and hot but I like the people I work with, it's five minutes from the house and for the most part I work the hours I want to work. Right now it's bad with tourist season winding down and losing one of the highschool girls who is off to college in NYC. After Labor Day I can go back to my regular schedule.

On the stitching front, I haven't finished L'Ete yet, but I try to work on it a little every day.

Yesterday at JoAnn's I picked up Sally Melville's The Knit Stitch and a Leisure Arts Crochet Dishcloth chart. I want to learn to knit and this book seems to be a good one. I bought the Purl Stitch a while back.

Time to clean. ICK. I hate cleaning. There are so many other wonderful, enjoyable things I could be doing. But nope, must find a place for all my clutter, vacuum, mop, all before going to work. My own fault. I should be following FlyLady and that wouldn't be a problem. I'd be organized and not embarassed, but I've just been so tired lately, housework has been the last thing on my mind. Now that has come back to bite me on the butt big time.

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