Sunday, August 01, 2004

This was a good weekend around here, the kids head back to school on Monday and it is definitely time they start back. The boys have been fighting for two weeks straight, DH and I have started getting on each other's nerves so it's time for something to give and thankfully it's back to school time.

Of course we're now broke. Between school clothes for three boys, a new bike for DS#1, and an astronomical amount of money spent on school supplies, we'll be eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and mac and cheese all next week.

Now I have to plow through all the same exact paperwork I fill out every year. You'd think for the sake of the environment maybe they'd carry one or two of these forms over every year, but nope, same pink cards, same yellow forms, same everything every year. Why not just ask parents if any of their info has changed, if not then leave all the records the same and pass them on along to the next teacher.

On the needlework front I've made a few more granny squares for my granny square afghan, I bought Leisure Arts Color Charged Throws. Most of the colors are geared for girls, well ok, all the colors are girlie colors but there's an afghan in there that I thought DS#1 would like and it uses the bright lime green he's so fond of these days so I'm planning on making it for him. It's the Beach Volley afghan. One of my favorites in this book. I like all the patterns in the book and plan to change some of the colors so that I can make DS#2 and #3 afghans from this book too.

I spent the afternoon putting DMC on bobbins and getting all my threads organized for Carriage House Samplings Houses of Hawk Run Hollow. I want to get a good start on this now that the boys are going back to school. I'll have some peace during the day and actually make some progress.

Honestly I haven't wanted to work on much of anything these days. It's just been so hot, I find myself reading more than anything. I recently finished the Shop on Blossom Street and am currently reading The Corest Diaries by Katie MacAlister.

Granny squares are also a nice mindless project to work on when one doesn't want to have to think too much. I've got a good rythmn going on my squares and am really enjoying them. I forgot how much fun they are to work on.

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