Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Look what I found at the local thrift store(does anyone call them junk or salvage stores any more?):

One is from the Summer '86, the other is Winter '87.

Not bad for 50¢ each. I'm not sure if there's anything in either one I'll make but it sure is fun looking at what they thought was stylish way back in the 80s. Not as much fun as the 60s but hey every decade can't be groovy.

Two tropical storms are headed this way. I went to library, checked out a stack of books, and have several projects to work on the next few days. The kids are hoping to be out of school on Thursday. We don't get snow days so hurricane days are what my kids dream about. We've been lucky and haven't had any hurricane days in the last three years. Looks like this is our year. I have two concerns with this one, the dead tree next to my driveway, it needs to be removed. If it falls it will take out all of our power lines. The second big concern is flooding with two storms back to back. We've never been in a flood zone before and we're right on the border between the flood zone and an area that is considered safe from flooding.

Oh and the other big concern, keeping my male cat from my momma cat until I can get her fixed next Thursday. Just one more week and it won't be a problem any more, but life should be fun with a female cat in heat and and a male cat who's suddenly noticed her and tropical storms raging all around.

Today is my day off and if Tropical Storm Bonnie becomes a hurricane I won't work on Thursday and I might possibly have Friday off too which works for me. I stocked up on hurricane staples, Cup O' Noodle and fruit cocktail, and need to check on the flashlights and batteries today. I can't find our camp lantern and believe we loaned it to a neighbor last summer and never got it back. Ohter than that we're good to go.

Big day on the Redneck Riviera. President Bush was making speeches all along the NW Gulf Coast yesterday. He drove right past my place of employment and like the hick goober I am, I stood out in the middle of the highway waving along with lots of other hick goobers. Whether I agree with Bush or not isn't the issue, I've never seen a presidential motorcade so this was huge for me. Is it still a motorcade if they're in big buses and not limos?

There were protesters outside the Pensacola Civic Center. A Bush supporter got all riled up at an antiwar protester, called him out, then backed down, when his back was turned the antiwar guy ran up and kicked the Bush supporter on the butt. Both were arrested. Seems a little harsh to me. I mean he didn't even kick him very hard, and the cops were right there, so was it really necessary to cuff both men and haul them away to jail? I know, the antiwar guy got a little carried away, but to go to jail for that, is it really worth it? Couldn't they have just separated the men and moved on?

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