Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Girl She is Cheap!

Innovative, not cheap, the word is INNOVATIVE! The other day at JoAnn's I was wandering the quilting fabrics and found a shelf with the words "Pillow Ticking" on it. On that shelf I found the fabric you see below. I don't know fabric, I know 100% cotton and I know upholstrey fabric, the rest is guess work and reading the end of the bolts. I saw this fabric and thought to myself, "Self, this looks a lot like linen. The holes are easy to see, it could be a 34-40 count. I think you can stitch on this. It's $3.99 yd. Worth a shot anyway."

I bring it home and decide to start Carriage House Samplings Tombstone design, Carolina Handley:

The only difference I see in this piece and the piece on the Carriage House Samplings website is that my Carolina has a rounder face. I had meant to upload a pic of the CHS piece for comparison but forgot. Arrrgghh.....This fabric is nice to work on, it's got little dark brown flecky things that are woven into it. I seriously don't know what this fabric is but plan to take a pic of the end of the bolt my next trip to JoAnn's. At $3.99 a yard well, for the frugal stitcher, it's a pretty good deal and my piece isn't distorted. Her face is round, the angel wings are more wide than long but unless you know what the original looks like you wouldn't know the difference. I'm stitching one over two and the coverage is not bad. I like the look of the fabric a lot, since I started this design with the selvedge at the top, I think the next piece I will start with the selvedge at the side and see what happens. I'm thinking some of the CHS stockings would look pretty good on this fabric.

The Hook is Calling

I've had lots of afghans on my mind lately. There's a nip in the air in the mornings and at night. It's time to start planning a few to crochet this winter.


Every morning for the past week or two I've been getting up and walking. I've been making myself do this at 4:30am. It's the best time of day because no one is up and the neighbors can't place bets on when I will have a heart attack. Actually my stamina is better than I thought. I try to walk every day, seven days. I don't walk the same amount every day but I walk. It's a start.


I'm reading Inkheart by Corneilia Funke. It's wonderful. Young adult fantasy, characters in books come to life, more to it than that but that's the simplest way to describe the story without ruining it.


Anna van Schurman said...

The only real difference between stitching linen and linen you can buy to make clothes out of is that the latter is not evenweave. (There might be more weft threads than warp threads or vice versa.) But for a lot of people that doesn't really matter, if you like the look who cares?

Michelle said...

Inkheart is a fabulous book - I loved it! I have another of her books, but haven't read it yet.

Meari said...

Congrats on your new walking regimen. Walking is good for you!

Anonymous said...

I second the stich bitch (anna). I was thinking the thread count is probably a bit higher in one direction than in the other, if you need a final perfect size (or square) then this is not the right fabric (however I do have a bit in my stash too for the quick easy stuff especially if it is all letters)

Cathy said...

Interesting fabric find...good for you on the walking.

Karen said...

It is innovative! Congrats on your find. Your tombstone looks great. Way to go with the walking too. :)

Leah said...

I think that fabric would be great for most sampler and primitive designs. Good on you for thinking outside the box!